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L.A. Rebellion: Creating a New Black Cinema

About the Project

"L.A Rebellion" refers to a group of filmmakers of African origin or descent who together produced a rich, innovative, sustained and intellectually rigorous body of work.  Coming out of UCLA, they envisioned a new independent cinema, sensitive to the real lives of Black communities in the U.S. and worldwide.  While the L.A. Rebellion produced a host of feature films, this DVD set focuses on the many short films produced by the group, representing a broad range of filmmakers.  Learn more about the Archive's L.A. Rebellion initiative, which launched in 2011.

Executive Producers: Jan-Christopher Horak, Allyson Nadia Field, Jacqueline Najuma Stewart.  Total Runtime: 510 min.  Year: 2016.  Color: Color/B&W.  Language: English.  Region Code:  NTSC Region Free.  Format: DVD.

How to order a DVD set

This 3-disc anthology was created as an educational tool, intended for classroom and individual study use only.  This DVD is available for free to archives, libraries, educational institutions and other non-profit organizations — and to qualified educators, researchers and scholars — with a shipping fee applying. 

To request a copy, please download and complete this order form (PDF).  Email the form to

Also available for viewing at the Archive Research & Study Center.

Special Thanks

This project is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.


Table of Contents

Disc One:  Africa and Diaspora

1.  The Diary of an African Nun  (dir. Julie Dash, 1977)

2.  African Woman, U.S.A.  (dir. Ijeoma Iloputaife, 1980)

3.  L.A. in my mind...  (dir. O Funmilayo Makarah, 2006)

4.  Black Art, Black Artists  (dir. Elyseo J. Taylor, 1971)

5.  Festival of Mask  (dir. Don Amis, 1982)

6.  Bellydancing: A History & An Art  (dir. Alicia Dhanifu, 1979)

7.  Water Ritual #1: An Urban Rite of Purification  (dir. Barbara McCullough, 1979)

8.  I & I: An African Allegory  (dir. Ben Caldwell, 1979)

9.  Hour Glass  (dir. Haile Gerima, 1971)

Disc Two:  We Are Family

1.  Your Children Come Back to You  (dir. Alile Sharon Larkin, 1979)

2.  Rich  (dir. S. Torriano Berry, 1982)

3.  The Single Parent: Images in Black  (dir. M. Stormé Bright, 1978)

4.  Fragrance  (dir. Gay Abel-Bey, 1985)

5.  Dark Exodus  (dir. Iverson White, 1985)

6.  Shipley Street  (dir. Jacqueline Frazier, 1981)

7.  Forbidden Joy  (dir. Imelda Sheen, 1972)

Disc Three:  Day By Day

1.  Several Friends  (dir. Charles Burnett, 1969)

2.  The Pocketbook  (dir. Billy Woodberry, 1980)

3.  A Little Off Mark  (dir. Robert Wheaton, 1986)

4.  A Day in the Life of Willie Faust, or Death on the Installment Plan  (dir. Jamaa Fanaka, 1972)

5.  Cycles  (dir. Zeinabu Irene Davis, 1989)

6.  Brick by Brick  (dir. Shirikiana Aina, 1982)

7.  Daydream Therapy  (dir. Bernard Nicolas, 1977)

8.  As Above, So Below  (dir. Larry Clark, 1973)

9.  Rain  (dir. Melvonna Ballenger, 1978)