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Researched at ARSC  |  2010 – 2011

A wide variety of publications about film, television, new media and other subjects have been researched at the Archive Research and Study Center (ARSC) at UCLA.

Have you published work that involved research at ARSC?  Please let us know at:


Hedy Lamarr: The Most Beautiful Woman in Film

By Ruth Barton


The Oriental Obscene: Violence and Racial Fantasies in the Vietnam Era

By Sylvia Shin Huey Chong



The Songs of Hollywood

By Philip Furia and Laurie Patterson


Television and New Media: Must-Click TV

By Jennifer Gillan


Ernie Kovacs & Early TV Comedy:
Nothing in Moderation

By Andrew Horton

The Dragon’s Tail: Americans Face the Atomic Age

By Robert A. Jacobs



E.A. Dupont and his Contribution to British Film:
Varieté, Moulin Rouge, Piccadilly, Atlantic, Two Worlds, Cape Forlorn

By Paul Matthew St. Pierre


Beautiful: The Life of Hedy Lamarr

By Stephen Michael Shearer


Warren William: Magnificent Scoundrel of
Pre-Code Cinema

By John Stangeland


Parody and Taste in Postwar American
Television Culture

By Ethan Thompson


The Church on TV: Portrayals of Priests, Pastors and Nuns on American Television Series

By Richard Wolff


Paul Newman: A Life

By Shawn Levy

Analyzing Mad Men: Critical Essays on the Series

Edited by Scott F. Stoddart

Black Social Dance in Television Advertising:
An Analytical History

By Carla Stalling Huntington

Raoul Walsh: The True Adventures of Hollywood's Legendary Director

By Marilyn Ann Moss

Spencer Tracy: A Biography

By James Curtis

Thomas Ince: Hollywood's Independent Pioneer

By Brian Taves



The Trouble with Archie: Locating and Accessing Primary Sources for the Study of the 1970s US Sitcom, All in the Family

By Kathleen Collins



The Black President Hokum

By Erica R. Edwards


Star Discourse And The Cosmopolitan Chinese:
Linda Lin Dai Takes on the World

By Brian Hu


'Exit Flapper, Enter Woman,' or Lois Weber in Jazz Age Hollywood

By Shelley Stamp


‘The Spice of the Program’: Educational Pictures, Early Sound Slapstick, and the Small-Town Audience

By Rob King