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Television Programs Restored and Preserved by UCLA

A selection of television programs restored and preserved by UCLA Film & Television Archive since 1988.

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99 Ways to Attract the Right Man  (ABC, 5/7/1985)

770 On TV  (KABC, Los Angeles, 1/31/1965)

28 Tonight: Civilian Police Review Board  (KCET, Los Angeles, 1/7/1980)

28 Tonight: “Number Our Days”  (KCET, Los Angeles, 1977)

28 Tonight: Tom Bradley Interview  (KCET, Los Angeles, 7/30/1980)

& Beautiful  (Syndicated, 6/1969)

ABC Stage ’67: “The Human Voice”  (ABC, 5/4/1967)

ABC Stage ’67: “Noon Wine”  (ABC, 11/23/1966)

ABC Stage ’67: “Rogers and Hart Today”  (ABC, 11/23/1966)

ABC Theatre: “If You Give a Dance You Gotta Pay the Band”  (ABC, 12/19/1972)

ABC Theatre: “Pueblo”  (ABC, 3/29/1973)

ABC Weekend News with Keith McBee  (ABC, 6/4/1967)

ABC Wide World of Sports: Excerpts. Compilation for Primetime Emmy Awards  (ABC, 1968)

Actors on Acting: "Martin Sheen"  (KCET, Los Angeles, 1984)

Admiral Presents the Five Star Revue – Welcome Aboard: Excerpts Featuring Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis.  (NBC, 10/10/1948 & 10/17/1948)

The Advocates: “Should Conscientious Objector Status be Extended to Those in or Evading Military Service?”  (KCET, Los Angeles, 11/24/1970)

The Advocates: “Should Television be Allowed to Broadcast Criminal Trials with the Consent of the Defendent?”  (KCET, Los Angeles, 1970)

After Hours: “Joe Williams”  (Syndicated, 11/9/1969)

​​Agent Orange  (WBBM-TV, Chicago, 1980)

Alex Dreier Unlimited  (1967)

Aloha from Hawaii  (1958)

All About Welfare: A Community Preview  (WITF, Hershey, Pennsylvania, 1971)

All in the Family: Pilot  (CBS, 1969)

Aloha From Hawaii  (Syndicated, 1958)

Alumni Fun: Presentation Pilot  (ABC, 1962)

Alumni Fun  (CBS, 3/28/1965)

America! Carry Me Back  (Syndicated, 1964)

America's Sweetheart: The Mary Pickford Story  (Syndicated, 1977)

American Film Institute Theater: “Frank Capra”  (KCET, Los Angeles, 6/4/1971)

American Film Institute Theater: "Jack Nicholson"  (KCET, Los Angeles, 5/14/1971)

American Playhouse: “Charlotte Forten's Mission: Experiment in Freedom”  (PBS, 2/25/1985)

AMPEX Company Compilation Tape: International Trade Exposition, Moscow, July 1959  (1959, not broadcast)

Anatomy of an Abortion  (KCET, Los Angeles, 1975)

And the Children Die  (KCET, Los Angeles, 12/31/1969)

Andersonville Trial Interview  (KCET, Los Angeles, 1970)

Another Evening with Fred Astaire  (NBC, 11/4/1959)

Another World: Show #2403  (NBC, 1/17/1974)

Apollo on the Threshold (KCET, 10/10/1967)

Appalachian Heritage  (WLWT, Cincinnati, 1/9/1969)

Art City: Collectors and Collections in Los Angeles  (KCET, Los Angeles, 3/12/1981)

As Caesar Sees It  (ABC, 5/14/1963)

Astaire Time  (NBC, 9/28/1960)

Auction-thon  (KCOP, 10/22/1966)

The Awkard Age  (WCKT-TV, MIAMI, 1971)



Backstage in Hollywood: "The Other Side of Stardom"  (ABC, 2/20/1975)

Barbra Streisand: A Happening in Central Park  (CBS, 9/15/1968)

Barry Goldwater for President  (1964)

Beatles Press Conference, Los Angeles  (1966)

The Belle of Amherst  (PBS, 12/29/1976)

The Best on Record: The Grammy Awards Show  (NBC, 12/8/1963)

The Best on Record: The Grammy Awards Show  (NBC, 5/18/1965)

The Best on Record: The Grammy Awards Show  (NBC, 5/16/1966)

The Best on Record: The Grammy Awards Show  (NBC, 5/24/1967)

The Best on Record: The Grammy Awards Show  (NBC, 5/8/1968)

The Best on Record: The Grammy Awards Show  (NBC, 5/7/1970)

The Big News/KNXT News  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 8/13/1965)

The Big News/KNXT News  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 9/28/1966)

The Big News/KNXT News  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 10/20/1967)

The Big News/KNXT News  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 12/15/1970)

The Big News/KNXT News  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 12/15/1971)

The Big News/KNXT News: “California Abortion Hospital”  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 9/15/1970)

Bing!  (CBS, 3/20/1977)

The Bing Crosby Show  (ABC, 10/5/1960)

The Bishop Sheen Program: “Divine Sense of Humor”  (Syndicated, 1959)

The Bishop Sheen Program: “Teenagers”  (Syndicated, 1959)

Black Baseball: The Late, Great Negro Leagues  (KCET, Los Angeles, 4/12/1980)

Black on Black  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 7/18/1968)

The Bob Goulet Show  (ABC, 4/7/1970)

Bobobquivari: With Tim Buckley  (KCET, Los Angeles, 1970)

The Boo Show  (Syndicated, 1971)

Breast Cancer Without Fear  (WKYC-TV, Cleveland, 12/1/1974)

Building for Tomorrow  (KCET, Los Angeles, 1977)

Bukowski  (KCET, Los Angeles, 11/25/1973)

Bukowski Reads Bukowski  (KCET, Los Angeles, 1974)



Carrascolendas: "No. 1"  (PBS, 1/23/1973)

Cavalcade of Books  (KCOP, 11/29/1970)

CBS Children's Hour: "J.T."  (CBS, 10/1/1975)

CBS News Special Report: “Martin Luther King, Jr. Assassination Aftermath Coverage”  (CBS, 4/4/1968)

CBS Playhouse: “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night”  (CBS, 10/17/1967)

CBS Playhouse: “The Final War of Olly Winter”  (CBS, 1/29/1967)

CBS Playhouse: “My Father and My Mother”  (CBS, 2/13/1968)

The Campaign and the Candidates: “Interview with John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy”  (NBC, 10/1/1960)

Cancion de La Raza: Show #1  (KCET, Los Angeles, 10/14/1968)

Captain Kangaroo: Excerpt with Billy Taylor and Willie "The Lion" Smith  (CBS, 4/8/1969)

Celebrity Room: Pilot  (NBC, 1964)

Celebrity Talent Scouts  (CBS, 9/12/1960)

Celebrity Update: Pilot  (Syndicated, 9/7/1989)

The Challenge: "Pilot" (1955)

Championship Jazz: Pilot  (1962)

The Chevy Mystery Show: "Enough Rope"  (NBC, 7/31/1960)

The Chevy Mystery Show: "Run-Around"  (NBC, 8/14/1960)

The Chevy Mystery Show: “Trial by Fury”  (NBC, 8/7/1960)

The Chevy Show  (NBC, 4/26/1959)

Cinema Showcase:“Harlan County, USA"  (KCET, Los Angeles, 1978)

Citywatchers: “Arco Towers”  (KCET, LOS ANGELES, 1972)

Citywatchers: “Beverly Wilshire Hotel”  (KCET, Los Angeles, 1976)

Citywatchers: “Birthday Retrospective”  (KCET, Los Angeles, 1974)

Citywatchers: “The Bradbury Building”  (KCET, Los Angeles, 4/24/72)

Citywatchers: “Broadway-Downtown”  (KCET, Los Angeles, 8/2/1974)

Citywatchers: “Coroner”  (KCET, Los Angeles, 1975)

Citywatchers: “Dodger Stadium”  (KCET, Los Angeles, 7/26/1971)

Citywatchers: “Downtown Plan”  (KCET, Los Angeles, 11/6/1973)

Citywatchers: “Echo Park,” Parts 1 & 2  (KCET, Los Angeles, 1973)

Citywatchers: “Fairfax Senior Citizens Center”  (KCET, Los Angeles, 1972)

Citywatchers: "Hollywood-Sunset Free Clinic"  (KCET, Los Angeles, 1/10/1972)

Citywatchers: "Jack Lemmon Special"  (KCET, Los Angeles, 1976)

Citywatchers: “San Pedro”  (KCET, Los Angeles, 1971)

Citywatchers: "Santa Susanna"  (KCET, Los Angeles, 1972)

City Watchers: “Sunset Boulevard as Seen by Art and Chuck from the Blimp”  (KCET, 4/13/1975)

Citywatchers: “Venice,” Parts 1 & 2  (KCET, Los Angeles, 1973)

Citywatchers: “Westwood”  (KCET, Los Angeles, 12/19/1972)

Citywatchers: “Year-End Show" (KCET, Los Angeles, 1972)

Clarence Darrow  (PBS, 3/17/1975)

The Classic Ghosts: “And the Bones Came Together”  (ABC, 2/15/1973)

The Classic Ghosts: “The Deadly Visitor”  (ABC, 7/4/1973)

The Classic Ghosts: “The Haunting of Rosalind”  (ABC, 4/10/1973)

The Classic Ghosts: “The Screaming Skull”  (ABC, 2/14/1973)

The College Bowl  (CBS, 3/9/1959)

The College Bowl  (CBS, 10/9/1960)

The College Bowl  (CBS, 12/3/1961)

The College Bowl  (CBS, 10/28/1962)

The College Bowl  (NBC, 12/15/1963)

The College Bowl  (NBC, 4/5/1964)

The College Bowl  (NBC, 5/29/1966)

The College Bowl  (NBC, 1/7/1968)

Color Me Jazz  (KTLA, Los Angeles, 10/3/1965)

Commericals: Home Savings and Loan. With Edith Head  (1979)

A Conversation with Henry Fonda and John Houseman  (KCET, Los Angeles, 1974)

A Country Called Watts  (NBC, 6/29/1975)

Crime Fighters (KHJ-TV, LOS ANGELES, 9/19/1972)

Curiosity Shop: "Hands and Feet"  (ABC, 7/23/1971)

Current Events - 1972 Compilation for Emmy Awards  (KCET, Los Angeles, 4/4/1972)

The Curse of Los Feliz  (KCET, 1971)

The Curt Massey Show  (KRCA, 9/15/1961)



Danny Thomas Presents the Comics  (NBC, 11/8/1965)

The Danny Thomas Show  (NBC, 11/13/1964)

The Danny Thomas Show: "Coconut Grove Special"  (NBC, 12/10/1964)

The Danny Thomas Show: "Danny Goes Country and Western"  (NBC, 3/13/1966)

The Danny Thomas Show: "The Danny Thomas Variety Show"  (NBC, 4/23/1965)

The Danny Thomas Show: "The Wonderful World of Burlesque"  (NBC, 3/14/1965)

The Danny Thomas Show: "The Wonderful World of Burlesque II"  (NBC, 12/8/1965)

Danny's Day: Excerpt with Mark Houston  (WKY, Oklahoma City, 6/15/1972)

The Dating Game  (ABC, 8/23/1968)

The Dating Game: Show #1-67  (ABC, 1/5/1967)

The Dating Game: Show #66-68  (ABC, 4/1/1968)

The David Susskind Show: with Mary Tyler Moore and Katherine de Jersey  (Syndicated, 1966)

The Deadwyler Inquest  (KTLA, Los Angeles, 6/1/1966)

Dedication Day: NBC Washington Studios Dedication Ceremony  (NBC, 5/22/1958)

D.H.O. - District Health Office: “Pilot”  (ABC, 6/17/1973)

Dial M For Murder  (ABC, 11/15/1967)

Dialogues in Art: "Prologue"  (KNBC, Los Angeles, 9/81968)

The Dinah Shore Show  (NBC, 11/3/1961)

The Dinah Shore Show  (NBC, 12/29/1961)

The Dinah Shore Show  (NBC, 1/26/1962)

The Dinah Shore Show  (NBC, 2/23/1962)

The Dinah Shore Show  (NBC, 6/1/1962)

The Dinah Shore Show  (NBC, 12/9/1962)

The Dinah Shore Show  (NBC, 12/30/1962)

The Dinah Shore Show  (NBC, 1/20/1963)

The Dinah Shore Show  (NBC, 4/14/1963)

The Dinah Shore Show (NBC, 10/17/1964)

The Dinah Shore Chevy Show  (NBC, 4/5/1959)

The Dinah Shore Chevy Show  (NBC, 5/31/1959)

The Dinah Shore Chevy Show  (NBC, 10/4/1959)

The Dinah Shore Chevy Show  (NBC, 1/10/1960)

The Dinah Shore Chevy Show  (NBC, 2/28/1960)

The Dinah Shore Chevy Show  (NBC, 4/24/1960)

The Dinah Shore Chevy Show  (NBC, 5/22/1960)

The Dinah Shore Chevy Show  (NBC, 10/9/1960)

The Dinah Shore Chevy Show  (NBC, 12/11/1960)

The Dinah Shore Chevy Show  (NBC, 1/22/1961)

The Dinah Shore Chevy Show  (NBC, 3/26/1961)

The Dinah Shore Chevy Show  (NBC, 4/16/1961)

Dr. Frank Baxter Reads “A Christmas Carol”  (KCET, Los Angeles, 12/21/1965)

Do You Believe? (Syndicated, 1968)

The Doctors: Show #2853  (NBC, 1/17/1974)

Doin' it at the Storefront: "The Story of the Black Church in America"  (KCET, Los Angeles, 1/3/1973)

Doin' it at the Storefront: "A Conversation with Tony Brown"  (KCET, Los Angeles, 1973)

Doin' it at the Storefront: "Angela Davis"  (KCET, Los Angeles, 3/28/73)

Domingo: “Busch Gardens” (KABC, Los Angeles, 2/24/1974)

Domingo: “Fireman Show”  (KABC, Los Angeles, 3/4/1973)

The Don Rickles Show (ABC, 12/27/1968)

Don't Sleep Through the Revolution [unidentified episode, no. 3]  (Syndicated, 4/1970)

Due to Circumstances Beyond our Control: "A Conversation with Fred Friendly"  (PBS, 4/3/1967)



EEN Chronicle: “The First Step” (WETK-TV, Winooski, 2/7/1970) 

Emergency Ward: "Show #1"  (KTLA, 3/14/1959)

Emmy Awards: 12th Annual Chicago Emmy Awards  (WBBM, 5/25/1970)

Emmy Awards: 1st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards  (NBC, 5/28/1974)

Emmy Awards: 14th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards  (ABC, 6/30/1987)

Emmy Awards: 22nd Annual Los Angeles Area Emmy Awards  (KABC, Los Angeles, 4/18/1970)

Emmy Awards: 23rd Annual Los Angeles Area Emmy Awards  (KTLA, Los Angeles, 3/21/1971)

Emmy Awards: 24th Annual Los Angeles Area Emmy Awards  (KTTV, Los Angeles, 3/19/1972)

Emmy Awards: 28th Annual Los Angeles Area Emmy Awards  (KABC, Los Angeles, 5/17/1976)

Emmy Awards: 30th Annual Los Angeles Area Emmy Awards  (6/25/1978 – not broadcast)

Emmy Awards: 10th Annual New York Area Emmy Awards (12/1/1966)

Emmy Awards: 14th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards  (NBC, 5/22/1962)

Emmy Awards: 16th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards  (NBC, 5/25/1964)

Emmy Awards: 17th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards  (NBC, 9/12/1965)

Emmy Awards: 18th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards  (CBS, 5/22/1966)

Emmy Awards: 19th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards  (ABC, 6/4/1967)

Emmy Awards: 21st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards  (CBS, 6/8/1969)

Emmy Awards: 26th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards  (NBC, 5/28/1974)

Emmy Awards: 28th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards  (ABC, 5/17/1976)

Emmy Awards: 45th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards  (ABC, 9/19/1993)

Esther Williams at Cypress Gardens  (NBC, 8/8/1960)

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Jack Benny - But Were Afraid to Ask  (NBC, 3/10/1971)

An Evening with Fred Astaire  (NBC, 10/17/1958)

The Execution of Private Slovik  (NBC, 3/13/1974)



The Face of Genius  (WBZ, Boston, 1966)

Face the Nation: with Ronald Reagan and Jesse Unruth  (CBS, 10/18/1970)

Fashion Hootenanny  (WTOP, Washington, D.C., 1963)

Festival: “David, Chapter 3”  (CBC, 1967)

The 5th Dimension Special: An Odyssey in the Cosmic Universe of Peter Max  (CBS, 5/21/1970)

The 51st State: “Actors’ Fund Home”  (WNET, New York, 1973)

The 51st State: "The Occupant in the Single Room"  (WNET, New York, 11/10/1974)

Fire and the Devil Wind (KCOP, Los Angeles, 7/21/1968)

Flip Wilson Show  (NBC, 9/20/1973)

Focus 30: “Compilation for Los Angeles Area Emmy Awards"  (KCET, Los Angeles, 1973)

Focus Film Festival: Portrait of a Prison  (KCET, Los Angeles, 11/18/1984)

The Folk World of Jimmie Rodgers  (KTLA, Los Angeles, 11/30/1963)

Fonda: An American Legacy  (ABC, 4/19/1975)

The Ford Show: “The Mikado”  (NBC, 4/16/1959)

Ford Startime: TV’s Finest Hour: “The Nanette Fabray Show”  (NBC, 5/31/1960)

Frankly Jazz (KTLA, Los Angeles, 10/12/1962) 

Frankly Jazz (KTLA, Los Angeles, 10/19/1962) 

Frankly Jazz (KTLA, Los Angeles, 10/26/1962) 

Frankly Jazz (KTLA, Los Angeles, 11/5/1962) 

Frankly Jazz (KTLA, Los Angeles, 11/17/1962) 

Frankly Jazz (KTLA, Los Angeles, 12/8/1962) 

Frankly Jazz (KTLA, Los Angeles, 12/10/1962) 

Frankly Jazz (KTLA, Los Angeles, 1/16/1963)

Frankly Jazz (KTLA, Los Angeles, 8/3/1963)

Frankly Jazz: “Demo Reel" (KTLA, Los Angeles, 1963)

The Frank Sinatra Timex Show  (ABC, 12/13/1959)

Fritz Lang, Director  (KCET, Los Angeles, 1971)

From Bach to Rock (1968)

From the Inside Out (KTTV, Los Angeles, 6/4/1968)

From Protest to Politics  (WXYZ, Detroit, 1973)

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Garroway (WNAC, Boston, 2/25/1970)

Gene Kelly in New York, New York  (CBS, 2/14/1966)

The Gene Kelly Show  (CBS, 4/24/1959)

The Gene Kelly Show  (NBC, 11/21/1959)

The George Burns Show  (NBC, 6/7/1960)

George Lucas: Maker of Films  (KCET, Los Angeles, 4/13/1971)

The George Shearing Show  (KTLA, Los Angeles, 1/3/1965)

Get High on Yourself  (NBC, 9/20/1981)

A Glimpse of Greatness: The Story of Ken Hubbs  (KTLA, Los Angeles, 8/17/64)

Golden Showcase: “The Devil and Daniel Webster”  (NBC, 2/14/60)

The Great American Celebration  (7/4/76)

The Great American Dream Machine: Show #1  (PBS, 1/6/71)

Green Grass of Home  (KFDA-TV, Amarillo, 1/23/73) 

Growing Up Gay  (PBS, 1983; KCET, Los Angeles, 6/25/84)



Hallmark Hall of Fame: “Abe Lincoln in Illinois”  (NBC, 2/5/64)

Hallmark Hall of Fame: “The Admirable Crichton”  (NBC, 5/22/68)

Hallmark Hall of Fame: “Anastasia”  (NBC, 3/17/67)

Hallmark Hall of Fame: “Arsenic and Old Lace”  (NBC, 2/5/62)

Hallmark Hall of Fame: ‘Barefoot in Athens”  (NBC, 11/11/66)

Hallmark Hall of Fame: “The Borrowers”  (NBC, 12/14/73)

Hallmark Hall of Fame: “Captain Brassbound's Conversion”  (NBC, 5/2/60)

Hallmark Hall of Fame: “Casey Stengel”  (NBC, 5/6/81)

Hallmark Hall of Fame: “A Christmas Festival”  (NBC, 12/13/59)

Hallmark Hall of Fame: “The Cry of Angels”  (NBC, 12/15/63)

Hallmark Hall of Fame: “Cyrano de Bergerac”  (NBC, 12/6/62)

Hallmark Hall of Fame: “Dear Liar”  (NBC, 4/15/81)

Hallmark Hall of Fame: “A Doll’s House”  (NBC, 11/15/59)

Hallmark Hall of Fame: “Eagle in a Cage”  (NBC, 10/20/65)

Hallmark Hall of Fame: “Elizabeth the Queen”  (NBC, 1/31/68)

Hallmark Hall of Fame: “Fame”  (NBC, 11/30/78)

Hallmark Hall of Fame: “The Fantasticks”  (NBC, 10/18/64)

Hallmark Hall of Fame: “The File on Delvin” (NBC, 11/21/69)

Hallmark Hall of Fame: “Give us Barabbas”  (NBC, 4/15/62)

Hallmark Hall of Fame:  “Hamlet”  (NBC, 11/17/70)

Hallmark Hall of Fame: “The Hands of Cormac Joyce”  (NBC, 11/17/72)

Hallmark Hall of Fame: “The Holy Terror”  (NBC, 4/7/65)

Hallmark Hall of Fame: “The Invincible Mr. Disraeli”  (NBC, 4/4/63)

Hallmark Hall of Fame: “The Joke and the Valley”  (NBC, 5/5/61)

Hallmark Hall of Fame: “Lamp at Midnight”  (NBC, 4/27/66)

Hallmark Hall of Fame: “The Man who Came to Dinner”  (NBC, 11/29/72)

Hallmark Hall of Fame: “Mr. Lincoln”  (NBC, 2/9/81)

Hallmark Hall of Fame: “The Patriots”  (NBC, 11/15/63)

Hallmark Hall of Fame: “The Price”  (NBC, 2/3/72)

Hallmark Hall of Fame: “A Punt, a Pass, and a Prayer"  (NBC, 11/20/68)

Hallmark Hall of Fame: “Soldier in Love”  (NBC, 4/26/67)

Hallmark Hall of Fame:  “St. Joan”  (NBC, 12/4/67)

Hallmark Hall of Fame: “A Storm in Summer”  (NBC, 2/6/70)

Hallmark Hall of Fame: “Tempest”  (NBC, 2/3/60)

Hallmark Hall of Fame: “Time Remembered”  (NBC, 2/7/61)

Hallmark Hall of Fame: “Victoria Regina”  (NBC, 11/30/61)

Hallmark Hall of Fame: “Winterset"  (NBC, 10/26/59)

Happy Ever After  (KIRO, Seattle, 1976)

Happy Ever After  (KGW, Seattle, 1977)

The Happy Wanderers: “Vacation in Purgatory” (Syndicated,  9/23/1966)

The Happy Wanderers: “Wanderers of Yosemite” (Syndicated,  9/23/1966)

The Hart and Lorne Terrific Hour  (CBC, Canada, 1971)

Hawaiian Hoike [a.k.a. Hawaiian Party]  (Syndicated, 1958)

Heal the Hurt Child  (KSD-TV, Saint Louis, 12/25/68)

Herbert Marcuse: Philosopher of the New Left  (KCET, 5/31/68)

Historia de Exito [Success Story]  (KMEX, 1967)

Historia de Exito: “Vikki Carr”  (KMEX, 9/11/1967)

Hollywood a Go-Go: Show #30  (KHJ, 7/17/65)

Hollywood Squares: Show #543  (NBC, 11/9/68)

Hollywood Talent Scouts (CBS, 4/11/66)

Hollywood Television Theatre: “Actor”  (PBS, 2/21/78)

Hollywood Television Theatre: “The Andersonville Trial”  (PBS, 5/17/70)

Hollywood Television Theatre: “The Ashes of Mrs. Reasoner”  (PBS, 1/22/76)

Hollywood Television Theatre: “Awake and Sing”  (PBS, 3/6/72)

Hollywood Television Theatre: “Beginning to End”  (PBS, 7/10/74)

Hollywood Television Theatre: “Big Fish, Little Fish”  (PBS, 1/5/71)

Hollywood Television Theatre: “Carola”  (PBS, 2/5/73)

Hollywood Television Theatre: “Chekhov Live from Hollywood”  (PBS, 1/6/72)

Hollywood Television Theatre: “Day of Absence”  (PBS, 12/30/71)

Hollywood Television Theatre: “Double Solitaire”  (PBS, 1/16/74)

Hollywood Television Theatre: “For the use of the Hall”  (PBS, 1/2/75)

Hollywood Television Theatre: "Gondola"  (PBS, 1/9/74)

Hollywood Television Theatre: “Incident at Vichy”  (PBS, 12/8/73)

Hollywood Television Theatre: “The Last of Mrs. Lincoln”  (PBS, 9/16/76)

Hollywood Television Theatre: “Nourish the Beast”  (PBS, 9/11/75)

Hollywood Television Theatre: “Philemon”  (PBS, 10/7/76)

Hollywood Television Theatre: “The Plot to Overthrow Christmas"  (PBS, 12/23/71)

Hollywood Television Theatre: “Scarecrow”  (PBS, 1/10/72)

Hollywood Television Theatre: “Shadow of a Gunman”  (PBS, 12/4/72)

Hollywood Television Theatre: “The Sty of the Blind Pig”  (PBS, 5/31/74)

Hollywood Television Theatre: “Steambath”  (PBS, 4/30/73)

Hollywood Television Theatre: “Winesburg, Ohio”  (PBS, 3/5/73)

Hollywood's Silent Era: “The Movies 1900-1927”  (KTLA, 1974)

A House Divided: Clinic for Parents  (KCET, Los Angeles, 1967)

How Do You Get to Be: “An Actor”  (Subscription Television, Los Angeles, 1964)

How Do You Get to Be: “An Architect?” (Subscription Television, 1964)

How Do You Get to Be: “A Singer”  (Subscription Television, Los Angeles, 1964)

How to Become a Movie Star  (Syndicated, 1975)

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I Believe in Miracles: Show #451  (Syndicated, 6/29/1975)

I’ve got a Secret  (CBS, 4/19/1961)

In Session: Pilot  (Syndicated, 1973)

The Inner Core: “Housing” (WHA-TV, Madison, 1962)

The Inner Core: City Within a City: “The New Generation and the Establishment”  (WMVS, Milwaukee & WHA, Madison, 5/3/1968)

Innervisions: "The Black Cowboy"  (KCET, Los Angeles, 1976)

Innervisions: “Malcolm X”  (KCET, Los Angeles, 1974)

Innervisions: “Profile of an Artist - Emerson R. Terry"  (KCET, Los Angeles, 1974)

Insight: "The Coffee House"  (Syndicated, 1966)

Insight: “Confrontation” (Syndicated, 1970)

Insight: “Consider the Zebra”  (Syndicated, 1969)

Insight: "The Dangerous Airs of Amy Clark"  (Syndicated, 1970)

Insight: "The Death of Simon Jackson"  (Syndicated, 1969)

Insight: “Don't Let Me Catch You Praying"  (Syndicated, 1966)

Insight: "Dry Commitment"  (Syndicated, 1967)

Insight: "God in the Dock"  (Syndicated, 1980)

Insight: “Exit”  (Syndicated, 1970)

Insight: “The Hate Syndrome”  (Syndicated, 1966)

Insight: "The Hit Man"  (Syndicated, 1983)

Insight: “King of the Penny Arcade"  (Syndicated, 1974)

Insight: "The Late, Great God"  (Syndicated, 1968)

Insight: "Least of My Brothers” (Syndicated, 1966)

Insight: “Locusts Have no King”  (Syndicated, 1965)

Insight: “Madam" (Syndicated, 1967)

Insight: "Man in the Middle"  (Syndicated, 1967)

Insight: “Mr. Johnson's had the Course”  (Syndicated, 1968)

Insight: "Mummy"  (Syndicated, 1968)

Insight: "No Tears for Kelsey"  (Syndicated, 1969)

Insight: "The One Armed Man" (Syndicated, 1974)

Insight: "The Placement Service"  (Syndicated, 1975)

Insight: "Politics Can Become a Habit"  (Syndicated, 1966)

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Insight: "Trial by Fire"  (Syndicated, 1968)

Insight: “A Woman of Principle”  (Syndicated, 1970)



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Jack Benny's Bag  (NBC, 11/16/1968)

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The Jack LaLanne Show: Show #96-S  (Syndicated, 4/26/1960)

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The Jack LaLanne Show: Show #98-S  (Syndicated, 4/28/1960)

The Jack LaLanne Show: Show #99-S  (Syndicated, 4/29/1960)

The Jack LaLanne Show: Show #103-S  (Syndicated, 4/5/1960)

The Jack LaLanne Show: Show #104-S  (Syndicated, 4/6/1960)

The Jack LaLanne Show: Show #105-S  (Syndicated, 4/7/1960)

The Jack LaLanne Show: Show #164-S  (Syndicated, 12/9/1959)

The Jack LaLanne Show:: Show #172-S  (Syndicated, 4/8/1960)

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January with the King Family  (Syndicated, 1/9/1969)

The Jimmie Rodgers Show: Show #4  (KTLA, Los Angeles, 11/30/1963)

Jimmy Durante Meets the Lively Arts  (ABC, 10/30/1965)

Jimmy Durante Meets the Lively Arts: Promos, Unedited Footage  (ABC, 1965)

John F. Kennedy Addresses the Greater Houston Ministerial Association  (9/12/1960)

John F. Kennedy Presidential Campaign: Campaign Appearance by Senator John F. Kennedy at University Plaza, Seattle, Washington  (9/6/1960)

John F. Kennedy Presidential Campaign: Rear Platform Remarks of Senator John F. Kennedy at Redding, California  (9/8/1960)

John F. Kennedy Presidential Campaign: Remarks of Senator John F. Kennedy at the Minneapolis Bean Feed, Minneapolis, Minnesota  (10/1/1960)

John F. Kennedy Presidential Campaign: Speech by Senator John F. Kennedy at Cadillac Square, Detroit, Michigan  (9/5/1960)

John F. Kennedy Presidential Campaign: Speech by Senator John F. Kennedy at the Detroit Coliseum, Michigan State Fair  (10/26/1960)

John F. Kennedy Presidential Campaign: Speech by Senator John F. Kennedy at the Little White House, Warm Springs, Georgia  (10/10/1960)

John F. Kennedy Presidential Campaign: Speech by Senator John F. Kennedy at Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo, New York  (9/28/1960)

John F. Kennedy Presidential Campaign: Speech by Senator John F. Kennedy at the National Plowing Contest, Sioux Falls, South Dakota  (9/22/1960)

John F. Kennedy Presidential Campaign: Speech by Senator John F. Kennedy at the Sheraton Park Hotel, Washington, DC  (9/20/1960)

The Julie Andrews Show  (NBC, 11/28/1965)

The Junior High School: “Part 1: Heaven, Hell or Purgatory”  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 1017/1971)

The Junior High School: “Part 2: From A to Zoo”  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 10/24/1971)

Just Playne Jayne: Pilot  (1965, Not Broadcast)

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The KCET Story (KCET, Los Angeles, 1972)

KKK  (WDSU, New Orleans, 1965)

KNBC Newsconference: with Sen. Robert F. Kennedy  (KNBC, Los Angeles, 4/68)

The KNBC Survey: "The Invisible Minority"  (KNBC, Los Angeles, 12/9/67)

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KTLA's 50 Golden Years  (KTLA, Los Angeles, 5/15/97)

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La Raza: Representada  (PBS, 1980)

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The Laundromat  (HBO, 4/1/1985)

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A Love Letter to Jack Benny  (NBC, 2/5/1981)

The Love of the Common People  (KTTV, Los Angeles, 10/5/1969)

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Lunchtime Theater with Chief Halftown  (WFIL, Philadelphia  10/09/1958)

Lynne Littman Presentation: 1974 Compilation for Emmy Awards  (KCET, 1974)

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Make No Mistake About it: The President Came to Iowa (WDIN, Des moines, 3/24/1971)

Malcolm X Press Conference  (1962)

Marcel Marceau Lecture at UCLA  (3/20/1968)

Marie: Pilot  (ABC, 12/1/1979)

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The Merv Griffin Show  (Syndicated, 10/19/1965)

The Merv Griffin Show  (Syndicated, 10/21/1965)

The Merv Griffin Show  (Syndicated, 11/11/1965)

The Merv Griffin Show  (Syndicated, 11/12/1965)

The Merv Griffin Show  (Syndicated, 11/22/1965)

The Merv Griffin Show  (Syndicated, 11/25/1965)

The Merv Griffin Show  (Syndicated, 11/26/1965)

The Merv Griffin Show  (Syndicated, 9/21/1966)

The Michael Jackson Show: with Mayor Tom Bradley (KCET, Los Angeles, 1979)

The Michael Jackson Show: with Tennessee Williams  (KCET, Los Angeles, 1979)

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The Mike Douglas Show: Excerpts (Syndicated, 1967)

The Mike Douglas Show (Syndicated, 3/28/1969)

The Mike Douglas Show (Syndicated, 3/31/1969)

The Mike Wallace Interview: Clyde Beatty  (Syndicated, 1959)

The Mike Wallace Interview: Ethel Waters  (Syndicated, 1959)

The Mike Wallace Interview: Myoshi Umeki  (Syndicated, 1959)

The Mike Wallace Interview: Rube Goldberg  (Syndicated, 1959)

The Mike Wallace Interview: Shelley Berman  (Syndicated, 1959)

The Mike Wallace Interview: Xavier Cugat  (Syndicated, 1959)

Milton Berle Starring in the Kraft Music Hall  (NBC, 11/19/1958)

Milton Berle Starring in the Kraft Music Hall  (NBC, 1/14/1959)

Milton Berle Starring in the Kraft Music Hall  (NBC, 3/18/1959)

Milton Berle Starring in the Kraft Music Hall  (NBC, 5/13/1959)

Moments to be Remembered  (KCET, Los Angeles, 9/26/1981)

Mort Sahl  (KTTV, Los Angeles, 5/20/1966)

Mort Sahl  (KTTV, Los Angeles, 6/17/1966)

Movin' (NBC, 2/24/1970)

Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood: “Adult Show No.1”  (NET, 1968)

Murray Roman's TV Show  (KTTV, Los Angeles, 2/21/1970)

Musical Comedy Tonight  (PBS, 10/1/1979)



Nancy Wilson at the Grove  (KTLA, Los Angeles, 5/20/1965)

The National Celebrity Test: Pilot #1  (1968)

NBC News: Coverage of Apollo 11 Liftoff  (NBC, 7/16/1969)

NBC News: Coverage of California Primary and Robert F. Kennedy Assassination  (NBC, 6/5/1968)

NBC News: Coverage of Robert F. Kennedy Assassination  (NBC, 6/5/1968)

NBC News: Coverage of Robert F. Kennedy Assassination  (NBC, 6/6/1968)

NBC News Special Report: Coverage of Robert F. Kennedy Funeral Service  (NBC, 6/8/1968)

The Negro in American Culture: "The Civil War - The End of a Peculiar Institution"  (KNBC, Los Angeles, 12/11/1966)

The Negro in American Culture: “Labor and Its Discontents"  (KNBC, Los Angeles, 1/8/1967)

The Negro in American Culture: “The Negro and the Law"  (KNBC, Los Angeles, 1/15/1967)

The Negro in American Culture: “The Negro in the American Revolution"  (KNBC, Los Angeles, 11/25/1967)

The Negro in American Culture: “Negro Literature - To Make a Black Poet Sing" (KNBC, Los Angeles, 2/19/1967)

The Negro in American Culture: “The Negro's Conception of His History” (KNBC, Los Angeles, 10/21/1967)

The Negro in American Culture: “The Plantation System - History on a Bill Sale"  (KNBC, Los Angeles, 11/11/1967)

The Negro in American Culture: "Post Reconstruction"  (KNBC, Los Angeles, 1/22/1967)

The Negro in American Culture: “Reconstruction: The First Attempt at Integration"  (KNBC, Los Angeles, 2/26/1967)

The Negro in American Culture: “Religion in American Negro Life"  (KNBC, Los Angeles, 11/18/1967)

The Negro in American Culture: “The Slave Trade - The Black Journey"   (KNBC, Los Angeles, 10/14/1967)

NET Fanfare: “Rehearsal with Leopold Stokowski”  (PBS, 1971)

NET Playhouse: “Hogan's Goat”  (PBS, 10/16/1971)

NET Playhouse: "Paradise Lost"  (PBS, 2/25 & 3/4/1971)

NET Fanfare: “Rehearsal with Leopold Stokowski”  (PBS, 1971)

NET Playhouse: “Hogan's Goat”  (PBS, 10/16/1971)

NET Playhouse: "Paradise Lost"  (PBS, 2/25 & 3/4/1971)

The Newlywed Game (ABC, 6/3/1968)

The Newlywed Game  (ABC, 3/6/1969)

Newsbeat: “Thirteenth District Council Race”  (KCET, 1981)

Nightlife  (ABC, 10/20/1965)

No Place to Hide  (WBBM-TV, Chicago, 1/13/1970)

The Now Sam  (Syndicated, 1970)

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Of Thee I Sing  (CBS, 10/24/1972)

Offramp: With Bill Stout  (KCET, Los Angeles, 5/6/1968)

Offramp: With Kurt Von Meier  (KCET, Los Angeles, 3/6/1967)

The Oldest Living Graduate  (NBC, 4/7/1980)

One Night Stand: With Kaye Ballard  (Syndicated, 1960)

On the Go [outtakes]  (KNXT, 1959-1960)

On the Go: "1001 Nights Restaurant"  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 6/1/1959)

On the Go: "Adoption Agency"  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 6/9/1969)

On the Go "Adult Boxing"  (CBS 3/8/1960)

On the Go: "Art Linkletter"  (CBS 5/6/1960)

On the Go: “Ash Grove Coffee House”  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 6/25/1959)

On the Go: “Atomic Submarine” (CBS, 1960)

On the Go:  "B.C. Hotel” (CBS, 1/29/1960) 

On the Go: "Bachelor Party"  (CBS, 1960)

On the Go: “Bank Cafe”  (CBS, 6/29/1959)

On the Go: "Bell Gardens" (CBS, 6/06/1960)

On the Go: “Blind Coach” (CBS1/12/1960)

On the Go: "Blood Donation" (CBS, 5/20/1960)

On the Go: "Bowling Center"  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 6/18/1959)

On the Go: “Braceros”  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 1959)

On the Go: “Buckley School”  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 3/30/1960)

On the Go: "Bus Station"  (CBS, 4/01/1960)

On the Go: "Calypso Family"  (CBS, 1/27/1960)

On the Go: "Canadian Immigration"  (CBS, 5/05/1960)

On the Go: "Cardiac Hospital"  (CBS, 2/03/1960)

On the Go: "Casa Colima"  (CBS, 10/21/1959)

On the Go: "Cat Controversy"  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 9/3/1959)

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On the Go: "Child Training”  (CBS, 4/05/1960)

On the Go: “Children's Hospital”  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 1959)

On the Go: "Chinatown”  (CBS, 5/11/1960)

On the Go: "Chinese Cookie Factory"  (CBS, 5/24/1960)

On the Go: "Chino Men's Prison"  (CBS, 11/09/1959)

On the Go: "Christmas at Corona"  (CBS, 12/25/1959)

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On the Go: “Conley Family”  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 8/18/1959)

On the Go: "Corneal Transplant"  (CBS, 4/14/1960)

On the Go: "Corona Women's Prison"  (CBS, 9/18/1959)

On the Go: "Dance Hall"  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 6/7/1960)

On the Go: "Epilepsy"  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 6/15/1960)

On the Go: "Exchange Students"  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 7/7/1959)

On the Go: "Father Cabrillo"  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 9/8/1959)

On the Go: "Fisherman's Wharf"  (CBS, 5/09/1960)

On the Go: "Flying Saucers Club"  (CBS, 8/03/1959)

On the Go: "Follies Theater"  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 1/4/1960)

On the Go: "Fountain of the World"  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 2/22/1960)

On the Go: "Fortune Tellers"  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 8/31/1959)

On the Go: “Freedom Fighters”  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 5/19/1960)

On the Go: "Galapagos Bound”  (CBS, 4/20/1960)

On the Go: “Gold Prospecting”  (KNXT, 5/30/1960)

On the Go: "Golden Circle”  (CBS, 6/08/1960)

On the Go: “Goodwill Industries”  (KNXT, 7/17/1959)

On the Go: "Grand Hotel"  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 3/2/1960)

On the Go: "Guest Ranch”  (CBS, 6/22/1960)

On the Go: "Harold's Club”  (CBS, 6/20/1960)

On the Go: "Health Hut"  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 8/24/1959)

On the Go: “Hearing Foundation”  (CBS, 1959)

On the Go: “Heart & Lung Operation”  (CBS, 8/17/1959)

On the Go: "Helicopter Demonstration"  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 5/26/1959)

On the Go: “Hospitality Hostess”  (KNXT, 1960)

On the Go: “Indoor Sports”  (KNXT, 6/1/1960)

On the Go: "Jack Tar Hotel"  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 5/13/1960)

On the Go: “Jolie Gabor”  (KNXT, 3/24/1960)

On the Go: “Julius Sumner Miller”  (KNXT, 6/16/1960)

On the Go: “Jungleland”  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 10/6/1959)

On the Go: “Jr. Miss Universe”  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 11/20/1959)

On the Go: "Kid Boxing”  (CBS, 3/11/1960)

On the Go: “L.A. County Hospital”  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 1959)

On the Go: "LA Goldondrina"  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 7/1/1959)

On the Go: "Largo"  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 1959)

On the Go: “Lido Hotel”  (KNXT, 3/25/1960)

On the Go: "Little Tokyo"  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 1/11/1960)

On the Go: "Man on the Street [Palm Springs]”  (CBS, 3/21/1960)

On the Go: "Man on the Street [Reno]”  (CBS, 6/24/1960)

On the Go: "Marineland"  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 4/29/1959)

On the Go: "Mountain Climbing"  (CBS, 3/07/1960)

On the Go: "Narcotic Treatment Center"  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 5/17/1960)

On the Go: "Nassau Bay Street"  (CBS, 1/25/1960)

On the Go: "Nelson Home"  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 9/2/1959)

On the Go: "New Giza"  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 7/3/1959)

On the Go: "Night Pilot”  (CBS, 1959)

On the Go: “Norwalk Hospital”  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 1960)

On the Go: “Ordeal in the Desert”  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 3/10/1960)

On the Go: "Orthopedic Hospital”  (CBS, 5/04/1960)

On the Go: “Outtakes”  (CBS, 1960)

On the Go: "Pacific Ocean Park"  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 7/29/1959)

On the Go: "Plastic Surgery”  (CBS, 5/18/1960)

On the Go: "Polio Warning"  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 4/25/1960)

On the Go: "Powder Puffs & Pistons"  (CBS, 8/28/1959)

On the Go: "Psychodrama”  (CBS, 6/10/1960)

On the Go: “Radiation Family”  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 1960)

On the Go: "Rancho Los Amigos”  (CBS, 4/21/1960)

On the Go:  "Red Cross School”  (CBS, 6/02/1959)

On the Go: "Reiss-Davis Clinic"  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 5/25/1959)

On the Go: "Romain Gray”  (CBS, 3/15/1960)

On the Go: "Roseland"  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 10/27/1959)

On the Go: “San Francisco Earthquake Survivors”  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 5/23/1960)

On the Go: “San Quentin Prison”  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 5/10/1960)

On the Go: "Santa Anita”  (CBS, 3/16/1960)

On the Go: "Santa Monica Roller Rink"  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 5/29/1959)

On the Go: "Santa's Village"  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 9/17/1959)

On the Go: "School for Songwriters"  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 3/17/1960)

On the Go: "Self Realization”  (CBS, 4/18/1960)

On the Go: “Silver Spurs”  (CBS, 6/21/1960)

On the Go: “Skid Row”  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 1959)

On the Go: "Speech Clinic” (CBS, 9/24/1959)

On the Go: "Street Gangs"  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 11/17/1959)

On the Go: "Studio Club"  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 9/1/1959)

On the Go: "Swiss Restaurant"  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 5/15/1959)

On the Go: “Synanon”  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 7/24/1959)

On the Go: "Synanon Revisited"  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 11/19/1959)

On the Go: "Theatre Mart"  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 8/27/1959)

On the Go: “The Three Stooges”  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 4/5/1960)

On the Go: "Tijuana Border"  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 9/11/1959)

On the Go: "Tin Can Beach"  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 10/9/1959)

On the Go:  "Toy Loan”  (CBS, 1/14/1960)

On the Go: "UCLA Eye Clinic”  (CBS, 10/05/1959)

On the Go: "Uprooted Family"  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 5/27/1960)

On the Go: "Venice West #1"  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 10/29/1959)

On the Go: “Venice West #2”  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 10/30/1959)

On the Go: "Veteran's Hospital"  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 8/26/1959)

On the Go: "Vincent Price"  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 3/30/1960)

On the Go: “Vitas Paulekas”  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 6/16/1960)

On the Go: “Watt's Tower”  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 1959)

On the Go: “Wild Spots”  (CBS)

On the Go: "Women Wrestlers" (KNXT, Los Angeles, 4/22/1960)

On the Go: "Women's Track Meet"  (CBS, 6/05/1959)

On the Go: "Youth Training School” (CBS, 3/28/1960)

On the Go: "Ziegfeld Club"  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 9/4/1959)

On the Go: "Zygmunt Wilk"  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 12/9/1959)

One Night Stand: “Diahann Carroll” (Syndicated, 4/27/1959)

One Night Stand: “With Kaye Ballard” (Syndicated, 1960)

One Night Stand: “Night Life in New York”  (Syndicated, 1959)

One Night Stand: “Night Life in New York” (Syndicated, 1960)

One Night Stand: “Portrait of Della Reese”  (Syndicated, 1959)

One Night Stand: With Woody Herman  (Syndicated, 1959)

Open End: With Secretary of State Dean Rusk  (Syndicated, 4/1966)

Open End: “Harlem Teenagers”  (Syndicated, 1966)

Open End: “Jerry Lewis Uncensored” Parts 1 & 2 (Syndicated, 9/26/1965 & 10/3/1965)

Open End: “This Year on Broadway”  (Syndicated, 1959)

Open End: “Who's Trying to Kill the Nightclub Business?”  (Syndicated, 1964)

Open for Discussion: “Skid Row”  (Syndicated, 11/21/1965)

Open Line  (WTOP, Washington, D.C., 1967)

Operation Challenge: “A Study in Hope”  (KSD-TV, St. Louis, 10/23/1963)

Operation Thanks: Part 1 and 2  (KFMB-TV, 1968)

Opportunity Line  (KNXT-TV, Los Angeles, 4/29/1968)

The Other Washington  (WRC, Washington, DC, 5/31/1967)

Our City's History  (WNAC-TV, Boston, 7/7/1970)

Out of the Shadows  (KNBC, Los Angeles, 6/26/1970)

The Outsiders: A Television Trilogy  (WOW-TV, Omaha, 1965)


P - Q

Panorama Pacific  (KNXT, 12/31/1962)

Passaic… The Birthplace of Television & the Dumont Story  (Dumont, 1951)

Password  (ABC, 9/28/1973)

Paul Anka: “My Way” (ABC, 4/25/1977)

Paul Lynde at the Movies  (ABC, 3/24/1979)

The Perry Como Show  (NBC, 12/22/1956)

Personality  (NBC, 03/04/1969)

Perspective: “Journey to a Pine Box”  (WRC, Washington, D.C., 8/16/1969)

Pet Set: Show #5  (Syndicated, 1971)

Pet Set: Show #7  (Syndicated, 1971)

Pet Set: Show # 8  (Syndicated, 1971)

Pet Set: Show # 12  (Syndicated, 1971)

Pet Set: Show # 13  (Syndicated, 1971)

The Pied Piper of Astroworld  (ABC, 12/28/1968)

Play of the Week: “Archie and Mehitabel”  (Syndicated, 5/16/1960)

Play of the Week: “Back to Back”  (Syndicated, 11/2/1959)

Play of the Week: “Black Monday”  (Syndicated, 1/16/1961)

Play of the Week: “Burning Bright”  (Syndicated, 10/26/1959)

Play of the Week: “The Cherry Orchard”  (Syndicated, 12/28/1959)

Play of the Week: “Climate of Eden”  (Syndicated, 2/29/1960)

Play of the Week: “Four by Tennessee”  (Syndicated, 2/1/1960)

Play of the Week: “The Grass Harp”  (Syndicated, 3/28/1960)

Play of the Week: “Henry IV, Part I” (Syndicated, 9/26/1960)

Play of the Week: “The House of Bernarda Alba”  (Syndicated, 6/6/1960)

Play of the Week: “In a Garden”  (Syndicated, 4/10/1961)

Play of the Week: “Juno and the Paycock”  (Syndicated, 2/1/1960)

Play of the Week: “The Master Builder”  (Syndicated, 3/21/1960)

Play of the Week: “A Month in the Country”  (Syndicated, 11/9/1959)

Play of the Week: “Night of the Auk”  (Syndicated, 5/2/1960)

Play of the Week: “No Exit / The Indifferent Lover”  (Syndicated, 2/27/1961)

Play of the Week: “The Old Foolishness”  (Syndicated, 3/6/1961)

Play of the Week: “A Piece of Blue Sky” (Syndicated, 5/9/1960)

Play of the Week: “The Power and the Glory”  (Syndicated, 10/19/1959)

Play of the Week: “Rashomon”  (Syndicated, 12/12/1960)

Play of the Week: “Seven Times Monday  (Syndicated, 10/31/1960)

Play of the Week: “Simply Heavenly”  (Syndicated, 12/7/1959)

Play of the Week: “Strindberg on Love”  (Syndicated, 1/25/1960)

Play of the Week: “Two by Saroyan”  (Syndicated, 11/71/1960)

Play of the Week: “Waiting for Godot”  (Syndicated, 4/3/1961)

Play of the Week: “The Wingless Victory”  (Syndicated, 4/17/1961)

Play of the Week: “The World of Sholem Aleichem”  (Syndicated, 12/14/1959)

Play of the Week: "Waiting for Godot"  (Syndicated, 4/3/1961)

Playhouse 90: "Alas Babylon"  (CBS, 4/3/1960)

Playhouse 90: “Closed Circuit Presentation"  (CBS, 1956)

Playhouse 90:  “Days of Wine and Roses”  (CBS, 10/2/1958)

Playhouse 90:  “Days of Wine and Roses” [re-broadcast]  (CBS, 9/17/1959)

Playhouse 90:  “The Nutcracker”  (CBS, 12/25/1958)

The Politics and Comedy of Woody Allen  (PBS, 2/21/1972)

Pontiac Star Parade: “Spirit of the Alamo”  (ABC, 11/14/1960)

Potpourri  (KCET, Los Angeles, 3/11/1968)

Presente: “Harvest of Shame Revisited”  (KCET, Los Angeles, 1981)

Probe: “And Throw Away the Key”  (WRC-TV, Washington, D.C. 1971)

Probe:  “Miracle Makers” (Syndicated, 1970)

Prologue to the Past  (KCET, Los Angeles, 8/8/1974)

Queen for a Day: Show # 179-64  (ABC, 9/3/1964)

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Ralph Story's A.M. Show: Compilation for Los Angeles Area Emmy Awards  (KABC, Los Angeles, 1971)

Ralph Story's A.M. Show: Compilation for Los Angeles Area Emmy Awards  (KABC, Los Angeles, 1972)

Ralph Story's Los Angeles  (KNXT, 2/9/1969)

Ralph Story's Los Angeles  (KNXT, 12/15/1968)

Ralph Story's Los Angeles: Show #48  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 1/26/1965)

Ralph Story's Los Angeles: Show #56  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 3/23/1965)

Ralph Story's Los Angeles: Show #84  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 11/21/1965)

Ralph Story's Los Angeles: Show #89  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 12/26/1965)

Ralph Story's Los Angeles: Show #95  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 2/6/1966)

Ralph Story's Los Angeles: Show #99  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 3/6/1966)

Ralph Story's Los Angeles: Show #112  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 6/5/1966)

Ralph Story's Los Angeles: Show #113  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 6/12/1966)

Ralph Story's Los Angeles: Show #122  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 10/2/1966)

Ralph Story's Los Angeles: Show #126  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 10/30/1966)

Ralph Story's Los Angeles: Show #127  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 11/6/1966)

Ralph Story's Los Angeles: Show #146  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 3/26/1967)

Ralph Story's Los Angeles: Show #147  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 4/16/1967)

Ralph Story's Los Angeles: Show #151  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 5/20/1967)

Ralph Story's Los Angeles: Show #156  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 6/17/1967)

Ralph Story's Los Angeles: Show #163  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 9/17/1967)

Ralph Story's Los Angeles: Show #162C  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 9/10/1967)

Ralph Story's Los Angeles: Show #164  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 9/24/1967)

Ralph Story's Los Angeles: Show #165  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 10/1/1967)

Ralph Story's Los Angeles: Show #166  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 10/8/1967)

Ralph Story's Los Angeles: Show #168  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 10/22/1967)

Ralph Story's Los Angeles: Show #169C  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 10/29/1967)

Ralph Story's Los Angeles: Show #171  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 11/12/1967)

Ralph Story's Los Angeles: Show #174  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 12/3/1967)

Ralph Story's Los Angeles: Show #175  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 12/16/1967)

Ralph Story's Los Angeles: Show #176  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 12/17/1967)

Ralph Story's Los Angeles: Show #181C  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 1/21/1968)

Ralph Story's Los Angeles: Show #183  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 2/4/1968)

Ralph Story's Los Angeles: Show #184  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 2/11/1968)

Ralph Story's Los Angeles: Show #187  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 3/3/1968)

Ralph Story's Los Angeles: Show #188  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 3/10/1968)

Ralph Story's Los Angeles: Show #189C  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 3/17/1968) 

Ralph Story's Los Angeles: Show #192C  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 4/28/1968) 

Ralph Story's Los Angeles: Show #193C  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 5/05/1968) 

Ralph Story's Los Angeles: Show #196C  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 5/26/1968)

Ralph Story's Los Angeles: Show #197   (KNXT, Los Angeles, 6/9/1968)

Ralph Story's Los Angeles: Show #201  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 7/14/1968)

Ralph Story's Los Angeles: Show #205  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 9/22/1968)

Ralph Story's Los Angeles: Show #209C  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 10/20/1968)

Ralph Story's Los Angeles: Show #212C  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 11/10/1968)

Ralph Story's Los Angeles: Show #214C  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 11/24/1968)

Ralph Story's Los Angeles: Show #216  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 12/8/1968)

Ralph Story's Los Angeles: Show #217C  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 12/15/1968)

Ralph Story's Los Angeles: Show #221C  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 2/02/1969)  

Ralph Story's Los Angeles: Show #222  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 2/9/1969)

Ralph Story's Los Angeles: Show #228C  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 3/23/1969)

Ralph Story's Los Angeles: Show #231  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 4/13/1969)

Ralph Story's Los Angeles: Show #234  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 5/4/1969)

Ralph Story's Los Angeles: Show #236  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 5/18/1969)

Ralph Story's Los Angeles: Show #239C  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 6/15/1969)

Rape  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 1972)

Rape: “Facce to Face"  (Syndicated, 1984)

The Rape of Paulette  (WBBM, Chicago, 5/23/1974)

Rapid Transit, Mass Confusion  (KNBC, Los Angeles, 5/16/1967)

Rebels with a Cause  (KABC, Los Angeles, 12/11/1966)

The Red Skelton Show  (CBS, 9/29/1959)

Reflecciones: Compilation for Los Angeles Area Emmy Awards  (KABC, Los Angeles, 1973)

Reflecciones: Multiple Episodes  (KABC, Los Angeles, 1973)

Remember how Great  (NBC, 2/9/1961)

Repertoire Workshop: “Edwin Booth”  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 8/8/1965 and 8/15/1965)

Repertory Theatre, USA: “Don Juan in Hell”  (Syndicated, 4/14/1965)

The Revlon Revue: “Maurice Chevalier”  (CBS, 2/4/1960)

The Rich Little Show  (NBC, 9/3/1975)

Richard M. Nixon and Nikita Khrushchev: “Kitchen Debate,” United States Exhibition Hall, International Trade Exposition, Moscow  (7/24/1959)

The Richard Pryor Special?  (NBC, 5/5/1977)

The Robert K. Dornan Show: With Attorney General John Mitchell  (KTLA, Los Angeles, 10/17/1971)

The Robert K. Dornan Show: With Vice President Spiro T. Agnew  (KTLA, Los Angeles, 7/25/1970)

The Robert Klein Show  (NBC, 5/29/1981)

Robert Montgomery Presents the Johnson's Wax Program: “Harvest”  (NBC, 11/23/1953)

Rod Serling's Wonderful World of…: “Propaganda”  (KXNT, Los Angeles, 3/8/1970)

Rona Barrett's Hollywood: Pilot  (1964)

The Rosey Grier Show  (KABC, Los Angeles, 12/20/1969)

The Rosey Grier Show: Show #9-68  (KABC, Los Angeles, 7/27/1968)

The Rosey Grier Show: Show #17-68  (KABC, Los Angeles, 9/21/1968)

The Rosey Grier Show: Show #18-68  (KABC, Los Angeles, 9/28/1968)

The Rosey Grier Show: Show #39  (KABC, Los Angeles, 2/22/1969)

The Rosey Grier Show: Show #42-69  (KABC, Los Angeles, 10/18/1969)

The Rosey Grier Show: Show #86  (KABC, Los Angeles, 3/28/1970)

The Rosey Grier Show: Show #107  (KABC, Los Angeles, 1970)

The Rowan and Martin Show: Pilot  (KGO, San Francisco, 1964)

The Russian Avante-Garde  (KCET, Los Angeles, 1980)

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Salute to KCET/28: “Dedication Dinner, Beverly Hilton Hotel”  (KCET, Los Angeles, 1/29/1965)

Salute to KCET/28: “Dedication Presentation”  (KCET, Los Angeles, 1/28/1965)

The Sam Yorty Show: With Richard M. Nixon  (KHJ, Los Angeles, 12/17/1967)

Saucepans and the Single Girl: With Michele Lee  (1968)

Saucepans and the Single Girl: With Tom Smothers  (1968)

The Scoey Mitchell Show  (Syndicated, 1972)

Scope: “Women in Literature” (KABC, Los Angeles, 3/19/1968)

The School That Would Not Die  (WDSU-TV, New Orleans, 8/18/1968)

Seed of Hope  (WTVJ-TV, Miami, 8/18/1972)

Shakespeare Loves Rembrandt: Pilot  (NBC, 6/12/1974)

Shindig: "The Wide World of Entertainment"  (ABC, 12/18/1965)

Shindig: "The Wide World of Entertainment"  (ABC, 1/1/1966)

The Side Caesar-Edie Adams Together Show  (ABC, 9/19/1963)

Six Days in July (WWJ, Detroit, 1967)

Sixty Minutes: “Agnew and the Press”  (CBS, 11/25/1969)

The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour: Excerpt. Elaine May/Tom Smothers Censorship Sketch: Dress Rehearsal & Air  (CBS, 4/9/1967)

The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour: Excerpt. Pete Seeger Singing “Big Muddy”  (CBS, 3/2/1969)

The Smothers Brothers Show: Show #10  (NBC, 5/19/1975)

The Smothers Brothers Show: Show #13 ( NBC, 4/28/1975)

The Smothers Brothers Summer Show: Show #7  (ABC, 7/8/1970)

The Smothers Brothers Summer Show: Show #2  (ABC, 7/15/1970)

The Smothers Brothers Summer Show: Show #9  (ABC, 9/2/1970)

Social Security in Action: Andy Griffith Interview  (Syndicated, 1965)

Social Security in Action: Beulah Bondi Interview  (Syndicated, 1965)

Social Security in Action: Conrad Nagel Interview  (Syndicated, 1965)

Social Security in Action: Diane Baker Interview  (Syndicated, 1964)

Social Security in Action: Harold Llyod Interview  (Syndicated, 1965)

Social Security in Action: Hoagy Carmichael Interview  (Syndicated, 1965)

Social Security in Action: Jane Russell Interview  (Syndicated, 1965)

Social Security in Action: Max Steiner Interview  (Syndicated, 1965)

Social Security in Action: Pual Ford Interview  (Syndicated, 1965)

Social Security in Action: Ray Bolger Interview  (Syndicated, 1965)

Social Security in Action: Ricardo Montalban Interview  (Syndicated, 1965)

Social Security in Action: Ruth Warrick Interview  (Syndicated, 1965)

Social Security in Action: Vance Colvig Interview  (Syndicated, 1965)

Son-in-Law: Pilot  (NBC, 10/26/1980)

The Sonny and Cher Show: “The Sonny and Cher Years,” Part 2  (CBS, 11/28/1973)

The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour: Show #0312  (CBS, 12/5/1973)

The Soupy Sales Hour: Pilot  (ABC, 11/1966)

The Special Gentry Two  (Syndicated, 7/1971)

A Special Sesame Street Christmas  (PBS, 12/8/1978)

Speculation: “A Conversation with Alfred Hitchcock”  (KCET, Los Angeles, 12/10/1969)

Speculation: “A Conversation with Dalton Trumbo”  (KCET, Los Angeles, 12/10/1970)

Speculation: “Conversation with Ed Kienholz”  (Syndicated, 5/6/1971)

Speculation: “A Conversation with Ed Kienholz and Claes Oldenburg”  (Syndicated, 3/24/1970)

Speculation: “A Conversation with Groucho Marx”  (Syndicated, 8/25/1967)

The Split Image  (KTLA, Los Angeles, 4/15/1963)

Spoon River  (RKO General Subscription TV, 11/4/1963; Act 1 and Intermission Discussion)

Spoon River  (CBS, 4/21/1969; Dress Rehearsal)

Stand up for America  (1964)

Standard TV News Roundup  (WOWT, Omaha, 1/17/1962)

The Stanley Kramer Special  (CICA, Ontario, Canada, 1971)

Stars of Jazz  (KABC, Los Angeles, 7/30/1956)

Stars of Jazz  (KABC, Los Angeles, 4/8/1957)

Stars of Jazz  (KABC, Los Angeles, 3/31/1958)

Stars of Jazz  (KABC, Los Angeles, 4/7/1958)

Stars of Jazz  (KABC, Los Angeles, 4/21/1958)

Stars of Jazz  (KABC, Los Angeles, 5/26/1958)

Stars of Jazz  (KABC, Los Angeles, 6/2/1958)

Stars of Jazz  (KABC, Los Angeles, 6/9/1958)

Stars of Jazz  (KABC, Los Angeles, 7/28/1958)

Stars of Jazz  (KABC, Los Angeles, 8/4/1958)

Stars of Jazz  (KABC, Los Angeles, 9/1/1958)

Stars of Jazz  (KABC, Los Angeles, 10/6/1958)

Stars of Jazz  (KABC, Los Angeles, 10/13/1958)

Stars of Jazz  (KABC, Los Angeles, 10/20/1958)

Stars of Jazz  (KABC, Los Angeles, 12/15/1958)

Stars of Jazz: Nostalgia and News Sounds  (KABC, 1978)

Stella Adler and the Actor  (KTLA, Los Angeles, 7/13/1964)

Stereoscope: “Dr. Loriene Chase Interviews Linda Lovelace”  (1973)

The Steve Allen Show  (Syndicated, 6/29/1962)

The Steve Allen Show  (Syndicated, 8/20/1962)

The Steve Allen Show  (Syndicated, 8/21/1962)

The Steve Allen Show  (Syndicated, 8/24/1962)

The Steve Allen Show  (Syndicated, 10/19/1962)

The Steve Allen Show  (Syndicated, 11/6/1962)

The Steve Allen Show  (Syndicated, 3/27/1963)

The Steve Allen Show  (Syndicated, 3/29/1963)

The Steve Allen Show  (Syndicated, 4/3/1963)

The Steve Allen Show  (Syndicated, 11/21/1963)

The Steve Allen Show  (Syndicated, 12/5/1963)

The Steve Allen Show  (Syndicated, 12/20/1963)

The Steve Allen Show  (Syndicated, 1/21/1964)

The Steve Allen Show  (Syndicated, 1/31/1964)

The Steve Allen Show  (Syndicated, 3/6/1964)

The Steve Allen Show  (Syndicated, 3/10/1964)

The Steve Allen Show  (Syndicated, 3/13/1964)

The Steve Allen Show  (Syndicated, 3/17/1964)

The Steve Allen Show  (Syndicated, 4/8/1964)

The Steve Allen Show  (Syndicated, 5/7/1964)

The Steve Allen Show  (Syndicated, 6/2/1964)

The Steve Allen Show  (Syndicated, 6/12/1964)

The Steve Allen Show  (Syndicated, 8/11/1964)

The Steve Allen Show  (Syndicated, 9/16/1964)

The Steve Allen Show  (Syndicated, 9/18/1964)

The Steve Allen Show  (Syndicated, 9/21/1964)

The Steve Allen Show  (Syndicated, 9/22/1964)

The Steve Allen Show  (Syndicated, 9/25/1964)

The Steve Allen Show  (Syndicated, 10/16/1964)

The Steve Allen Show  (Syndicated, 7/22/1969)

The Steve Allen Show  (Syndicated, 8/6/1969)

Storefront: "Compilation for Los Angeles Area Emmy Awards"  (KCET, 1973)

Storefront: “Soul Radio and the Black Community”  (KCET, 1973)

Super Vision: Tales of Television: “Birth on an Industry”  (PBS, 11/4/1976)

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The T.A.M.I. Show: Nine Years Later  (PBS, 3/28/1973)

T.J.’s: Pilot  (ABC, 1965)

Talk Back: Show #18  (KABC, Los Angeles, 10/10/1964)

Talk Back: Show #25  (KABC, Los Angeles, 12/19/1964)

Teaching for Responsible Behavior: “An Introduction”  (1977)

Tell it like it is  (KPRC, Houston, 1968)

Tempo: Compilation for Los Angeles Area Emmy Awards  (KHJ, Los Angeles, 1968)

Tempo: Compilation for Los Angeles Area Emmy Awards  (KHJ, Los Angeles, 1970)

That's Entertainment: 50 Years of MGM  (ABC, 5/29/1974)

This is Your Life: “Hanna Bloch Kohner”  (NBC, 5/27/1953)

This is Your Life: “Ilse Stanley”  (NBC, 11/2/1955)

This is Your Life: "Judge Arthur Kaplan"  (Syndicated, 11/26/1983)

This is Your Life: “Sara Veffer”  (NBC, 3/19/1961)

[Toad KPIX-TV Video Art Compilation]  (KPIX-TV, c. 1969)

To Tell the Truth: Show #0251  (Syndicated, 1970)

A Toast to Jerome Kern  (NBC, 9/22/1959)

Tomorrow Show: Show #4-126  (NBC, 1/29/1974)

The Tommy Banks Show: Excerpt. With Frankie Howerd  (CBC, Canada, 1972)

Toni Basil: “Pilot- Unedited Footage"  (ABC, 1977)

Tony McBride  (KDKA, Pittsburgh, 9/5/1967)

Torch Time 1963: Excerpts (WTAE, Pittsburgh, 1963)

Tribute to Mr. Television: “Milton Berle” (NBC, 3/26/1978)

Turn On: Show #2  (ABC, 1969)

TVTV Looks at the Oscars  (KCET, Los Angeles, 1977)

TVTV Show  (NBC, 5/1/1977)



The Unbroken Circle: A Tribute to Mother Maybelle Carter (CBS, 11/28/1979)

The Unhappy Hunting Ground Revisited  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 10/2/1977)

The United States Steel Hour: “The Big Laugh”  (CBS, 1/24/1962)

The United States Steel Hour: “The Bitter Sex”  (CBS, 1/27/1961)

The United States Steel Hour: “Don't Shake the Family Tree”  (CBS, 5/15/1963)

The United States Steel Hour: “Far From the Shade Tree”  (CBS, 1/10/1962)

The United States Steel Hour: “Farewell to Innocence”  (CBS, 11/28/1962)

The United States Steel Hour: “The Golden Thirty”  (CBS, 8/9/1961)

The United States Steel Hour: “The Inner Panic”  (CBS, 9/12/1962)

The United States Steel Hour: “Little Lost Sheep”  (CBS, 11/1/1961)

The United States Steel Hour: “Little Tin God”  (CBS, 4/22/1959)

The United States Steel Hour: “The Other Woman”  (CBS, 5/15/1962)

The United States Steel Hour: “Male Call”  (CBS, 8/8/1962)

The United States Steel Hour: “A Man for Oona”  (CBS, 5/2/1962)

The United States Steel Hour: “Man on a Mountaintop”  (CBS, 11/15/1961)

The United States Steel Hour: “The Man who Knew Tomorrow”  (CBS, 9/21/1960)

The United States Steel Hour: "Marriage Marks the Spot” (CBS, 11/14/1962)

The United States Steel Hour: “Night Run to the West”  (CBS, 2/20/1963)

The United States Steel Hour: “Operation Northstar”  (CBS, 12/28/1960)

The United States Steel Hour: “The Perfect Accident”  (CBS, 2/21/1962)

The United States Steel Hour: “Queen of the Orange Bowl”  (CBS, 1/13/1960)

The United States Steel Hour: “Scene of the Crime”  (CBS, 6/27/1962)

The United States Steel Hour: “The Secrets of Stella Crozier”  (CBS, 3/20/1963)

The United States Steel Hour: “Shadow of a Pale Horse”  (CBS, 7/20/1960)

The United States Steel Hour: “The Shame of Paula Marsten”  (CBS, 4/19/1961)

The United States Steel Hour: “Street of Love”  (CBS, 9/20/1961)

The United States Steel Hour: “Summer Rhapsody”  (CBS, 5/3/1961)

The United States Steel Hour: “The Two Worlds of Charlie Gordon”  (CBS, 2/22/1961)

The United States Steel Hour: “Wanted: Someone Innocent”  (CBS, 10/17/1962)

The United States Steel Hour: “Watching out for Dulie”  (CBS, 7/12/1961)

The United States Steel Hour: “Welcome Home”  (CBS, 3/22/1961)

The United States Steel Hour: “Woman Across the Hall”  (CBS, 8/23/1961)

Up Through the Ranks  (KTLA, Los Angeles, 7/28/1968)


V - Z

VD Blues (PBS, 12/10/1972)

Venice: A News and Public Affairs Special  (KCET, Los Angeles, 1973)

The Very Personal Death of Elizabeth Schell Holt-Hartford  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 1972)

Vietnam: The Village War  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 8/14/1966)

Visions: “El Corrido”  (KCET, 11/4/1976)

Visions: "Freeman"  (KCET, 10/9/1977)

Visions: "The Gold Watch"  (KCET, 11/11/1976)

Visions: "The Great Cherub Knitwear Strike"  (KCET, 11/25/1976)

Visions: "It's the Willingness"  (KCET, 1/19/1980)

Visions: "The Phantom of the Open Hearth"  (KCET, 12/23/1976)

Visions: “Scenes from the Middle Class”  (KCET, 12/15/1976)

Visions: “Shoes and String”  (KCET, 1/12/1980)

Visions: "Tapestry" and "Circles"  (KCET, 12/30/1976)

Visions: “Two Brothers”  (KCET, 10/21/1976)

Voicepoint: “The Watts Writers' Workshop"  (KCET, Los Angeles, 8/7/1967)

Warrendale (KCET, Los Angeles, 11/12/1973)

We Two: Pilot  (CBS, 1972)

What's it all About, World?: Show #1  (ABC, 2/6/1969)

What's my Line?  (CBS, 9/7/1958)

Why is it So?: “The Properties of Moving Air”  (1968)

Why is it So?: “The Push of the Quiet Air”  (1968)

Why Me?  (KNXT, Los Angeles, 5/13/1974)

Willowbrook: The Last Great Disgrace (WABC, New York, 2/22/1972)

The Wizardry of OZ  (KCET, Los Angeles, 8/20/1979)

A Woman's World: "Pilot"  (Syndicated, 1970)

World Music: "Burt Bacharach"  (KTLA, Los Angeles, 8/4/1960)

Wrangler: “Incident at the Bar M”  (KTLA, Los Angeles, 8/4/1960)

Yo Soy Chicano  (PBS, 8/14/1972)

Youth Court  (KTLA, 2/20/1960)

Zenith Presents Television's 25th Anniversary Special  (ABC, 9/10/1972)

The Zsa Zsa Gabor Show  (KCOP, Los Angeles, 1969)

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