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Laurel and Hardy Appreciations

We caught up with one of Laurel and Hardy's biggest fans, film critic Leonard Maltin, who lends his voice in support of our preservation effort.

Author Richard W. Bann (Laurel & Hardy, Our Gang) talks about the importance of preserving the films of Laurel and Hardy.


Sons of the Desert

Sons of the Desert is the international Laurel and Hardy appreciation organization whose thousands of members meet regularly in various chapters (or "tents") to enjoy Laurel and Hardy movies in an informal atmosphere.  Each "tent" takes its name from the title of one of the Boys' films; in addition each tent is given an "oasis" number which corresponds to the order in which it was admitted to the organization.

We'd like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to The Early To Bed Tent - Oasis #239 for being the first official Sons of the Desert donor to the Laurel and Hardy Preservation Fund!

Longtime actor Chuck McCann (film, television, recordings and stage) is one of the five founding members of Sons of the Desert.  Throughout his career, he has played Oliver Hardy to the delight of audiences everywhere.  Here, he speaks a word in support of Laurel & Hardy preservation at UCLA.