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Host: Karen Williams.  Featured guests: Romanovsky & Phillips, David Nieves, Mary Hansen, William Balgobin, Manuel Osorio, Emma Kramer-Wheeler, Joey Smith, Frances Kunruether, Carl Strange, Raisa Lawrence-Pena, Joan Jubela, Nicole Charles, Alternate Visions.

Summary: Karen Williams hosts this episode from the Hetrick-Martin Institute, opening with a group discussion featuring the Peer Education Team. A P-FLAG profile features clips from Out: Stories of Lesbian & Gay Youth. The next two group discussions are about family support and education. There is also an interview with Ron Romanovsky and Paul Phillips and musical performance of their song, "One of the Enemy," followed by an interview with an out New York City public school teacher. The fourth group discussion is with three members of the Hetrick-Martin Institute. A spotlight on the film Homoteens features an interview with producer/director Joan Jubela and a clip featuring a poetry performance. The theater spotlight features the Alternate Visions performance group of the New York Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center. The episode concludes with Romanovsky & Phillips performing the song, "Missy and Heidi."