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American Cinematheque presents

Off-site: Generations in Bloom: Growth and Connection Across the Ages

Activist Suki Terada Ports smiling at the camera.
July 21, 2024 - 4:00 pm

Tickets will be available through the American Cinematheque website.

Through stories about young love, love of community and love of self, these films showcase the beauty of connection — whether romantic or familial, fleeting or long-lasting. This thoughtfully curated selection of short films delves into the intricacies of coming-of-age experiences, capturing the essence of growth throughout different stages of life. The narratives explore the tender moments of young love, the profound bonds within communities, and the journey towards self-discovery and acceptance that comes at every age. Each film offers a unique perspective on the timeless themes of connection and growth. 

From the innocent excitement of a first crush to the deep-seated love for one's family, these films celebrate the myriad ways in which love manifests in our lives. They weave together past and present stories, illustrating how our individual journeys are interlinked with those who came before us and those who will follow. 

In portraying queer individuals existing across different eras, these films challenge the notion of linear progress and emphasize the cyclical nature of growth and connection. They remind us that the quest for self-acceptance and the formation of meaningful relationships are universal experiences that transcend time and cultural boundaries.

Generations in Bloom invites viewers to reflect on their own paths of growth and the connections that have shaped them, offering a heartfelt tribute to the enduring power of queer love and community.

—Queer Rhapsody Associate Programmer Natalie Jasmine Harris

They Call Me Suki

U.S., 2022  |  Documentary

The life and legacy of Japanese American activist Suki Terada Ports sparks a multigenerational conversation among AAPI activists about her decades-long civil rights fight and the beauty of the communities she has helped strengthen in NYC and beyond.

Digital, 5 min. Director: M.G. Evangelista. With: Suki Terada Ports, Jess X. Snow, Julie Azuma.


U.S., 2020  |  Documentary 

An intimate vérité documentary following Queenie, a Black lesbian elder and resident of Brooklyn's Marcie Projects since 1988, who at 73-years-young decides to seek a new place to call home.

Digital, 19 min. Director: cai thomas.


U.S., 2023  |  Narrative 

On the cusp of her baptism in the 1950s Black American South, 16-year-old Grace grapples with the weight of repentance and her burgeoning feelings towards her best friend.

Digital, 14 min. Director: Natalie Jasmine Harris. Screenwriter: Natalie Jasmine Harris. With: Jordan Rayanna Wells, Alexis Cofield, Mikayla LaShae Bartholomew, C L Simpson, JeVon Blackwell.

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The Roof

U.S., 2024  |  Narrative

A Cheyenne teen’s bond with their grandfather leads them to uncover a connection to their family, community and self they never thought possible.

Digital, 20 min. Director: Alexander Bocchieri. Screenwriter: W.A.W. Parker. With: Buffalo Barbie, Glen Begay, Landa Lakes, Teresa Littlebird, L. Frank Manriquez.

Lucky Fish

U.S., 2023  |  Narrative

A chance encounter in the bathroom of a Chinese restaurant unexpectedly leads to a bond between two Asian American girls.

Digital, 8 min. Director: Emily May Jampel. Screenwriter: Emily May Jampel. With: Lukita Maxwell, Anna Mikami.

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U.S., 2022  |  Narrative 

In rural Spain, an enemies-to-lovers romance blossoms between a reticent American teen and a bold Spanish soccer rival, whose tumultuous relationship intensifies after a dramatic accident.

Digital, 18 min. Director: Tusk. Screenwriter: Tusk. With: Èric Meneses, Bet Comas, Rafa Valls, Jules Smekens, Joan Moreno.

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