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Man and Wife + short films

A young girl driving a car.
April 21, 2024 - 7:00 pm
Live narration by benshi Ichirō Kataoka, Kumiko Ōmori and Hideyuki Yamashiro.

Admission is free. No advance reservations. Your seat will be assigned to you when you pick up your ticket at the box office. Seats are assigned on a first come, first served basis. The box office opens one hour before the event.

Dog Heaven

U.S., 1927

Pete the Pup, a.k.a. Pal, the Wonder Dog, the beloved American Staffordshire Terrier that starred in Hal Roach’s Our Gang comedies from 1924-1930, takes center stage in his own light-hearted story of love and betrayal. When his owner Joe (Joe Cobb) develops a young crush on Clarabelle (Annette De Kirby), Pete feels left out, becoming so dejected that he decides to end it all — to the delight of the local cats and kittens. Of course, Pete’s never in any real danger and a climatic race to the rescue ultimately set everything right.

DCP, b&w, silent, 31 min. Director: Robert A. McGowan, Charles Oelze. Screenwriter: H.M. Walker. With: Joe Cobb, Annette De Kirby, Jackie Condon.

Restoration funded by The Louis B. Mayer Foundation. Restored by the UCLA Film & Television Archive from a 35mm acetate fine grain master positive. Laboratory services by Roundabout Entertainment, Inc., The PHI Stoa Film Lab. Special thanks to Screen Media.


U.S., 1923

In this rags-to-riches tale, an orphaned and destitute Baby Peggy (a.k.a. pioneering child star Diana Serra Cary) enlists the aid of a mischievous performing monkey to seek restitution for an elderly violinist. After an epic chase, she is adopted by a wealthy couple — then steals the spotlight at the evening social.

DCP, b&w, silent, 21 min. Director: Alfred J. Goulding. Screenwriter: Alfred J. Goulding. With: Baby Peggy, Jerry Mandy, Louise Lorraine.

Preservation funded by The Packard Humanities Institute and David Stenn. Preserved by the UCLA Film & Television Archive in cooperation with Filmarchiv Austria, Lobster Films, and The Museum of Modern Art from a 35mm nitrate print and two 16mm prints. Laboratory services by The Stanford Theatre Film Laboratory. Special thanks to David Shepard.

Man and Wife

U.S., 1923

The Perkins sisters are a study in contrasts: Dolly thrives in the rural setting of the family farm, while Dora chafes against it and restlessly dreams of a move to the big city. Following an argument with her father, Dora leaves for the beckoning metropolis, sparking a storyline replete with deception, bigamy, madness and, finally, reconciliation. Norma Shearer who plays Dora would soon become a major star at MGM under the guidance of legendary producer Irving Thalberg. “A wild tale, wildly done on the screen,” as per Variety’s review at the time, Man and Wife is silent melodrama at its most satisfying.

DCP, tinted and toned, 54 min. Director: John L. McCutcheon. Screenwriter: Leota Morgan. With: Maurice Costello, Gladys Leslie, Norma Shearer.

Restoration funded by the National Film Preservation Foundation. Restored by the UCLA Film & Television Archive from a 35mm tinted and toned nitrate print. Laboratory services by Roundabout Entertainment, Inc., FotoKem. Special thanks to the Library of Congress.