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Empty Metal + short films

A person sitting in the backseat of a car at night.
June 10, 2023 - 7:30 pm
Q&A with filmmakers Roberto Fatal, Tiare Ribeaux, Jody Stillwater.

Join us virtually for a livestream of this Billy Wilder Theater program (livestream will include short films followed by Q&A. Empty Metal will not be included).


U.S., 2022

A female scientist of Indigenous descent creates new life using artificial intelligence in a quest for freedom and maternal resolution.

DCP, color, 9 min. Director: Alexa "Rahe-Wanitanama" Wynter.

Pō'ele Wai

U.S., 2022

A young Indigenous weaver discovers she's being poisoned by the polluted waters she works in and goes through a transformative experience that reflects the interconnectedness of the land and water.

DCP, color, 19 min. Director: Tiare Ribeaux.

Fluid Bound

U.S., 2021

An animated short that explores the complex relationships and battles between body and souls through the lens of Two-Spirit, Mestizo identity.

DCP, color, 8 min. Director: Roberto Fatal.

New Myth

U.S., 2021

New Myth is a documentation of a performative action to repair our future relationship to water, exploring the concept of "Monster Slayers" and the agency we have to combat the oppressive systems of our present day.

DCP, color, 6 min. Director: Cannupa Hanska Luger.

Winyan Yamni / Three Dreams

U.S., 2021

This short film explores the Lakota filmic gaze through the dreaming methodologies of the Double Woman, a mythic figure who empowers women to bead and was credited with the discovery of quillwork.

DCP, color, 14 min. Director: Kite.


U.S., 2020

CYANOVISIONS is a transdisciplinary speculative short fiction film that explores the relationship between humans and cyanobacteria in symbiotic scenarios of the future.

DCP, color, 14 min. Director: Tiare Ribeaux, Jody Stillwater.

Empty Metal

U.S., 2018

Empty Metal is a politically charged film that uses an interchanging narrative that follows the story of five activist groups who aim to start a revolution against the U.S. government. The underground punk scene shapes the film's style, and the central themes explore mass surveillance, oppression, morality and a sense of power. The film challenges viewers to question their beliefs and ideas about what it means to be an activist in a world that is becoming more authoritarian. With its tense and captivating atmosphere, it blends faux-documentary and experimental techniques to offer a striking commentary on current politics that will make you reevaluate what you think you know.

DCP, color, 83 min. Director: Adam Khalil, Bayley Sweitzer. Screenwriter: Adam Khalil, Bayley Sweitzer. With: PVSSYHEAVEN, Sam Richardson, Austin Sley Julian.