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Gilda  /  The Bigamist

Gilda (1946)
October 3, 2015 - 7:30 pm

Restored by UCLA Film & Television Archive in cooperation with Sony Pictures Entertainment, the Library of Congress and the National Film and Television Archive (U.K.) with funding provided by Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Gilda  (1946)

This classic film noir concerns a love triangle in Buenos Aires.  Ravishing and ravenous, Gilda is the irresistible love goddess who can't help but make trouble in a man's life.  Gilda is married to an international tungsten dealer and casino owner, whose latest employee turns out to be his wife's ex-lover.  Sexual passion and international intrigue inevitably combust in this overheated household.

35mm, b/w, 110 min.  Production: Columbia Pictures Corp.  Distribution: Columbia Pictures Corp.  Producer: Virginia Van Upp.  Director: Charles Vidor.  Based on a story by A.E. Ellington, adapted by Joe Eisenger.  Screenwriter: Marion Parsonnet.  Cinematographer: Rudolph Maté.  Editor: Charles Nelson.  With: Rita Hayworth, Glenn Ford, George Macready, Joseph Calleia, Steven Geray.

Restored by UCLA Film & Television Archive in cooperation with Republic Pictures with funding provided by The Film Foundation and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

The Bigamist  (1953)

Director Ida Lupino's films, like those of her contemporaries Nicholas Ray, Samuel Fuller and Robert Aldrich, deal with the traumatic effects of postwar America settling uneasily into once familiar roles.  The Bigamist introduces a traveling salesman with a secret double-life spent between two wives who is exposed when trying to adopt a child.  The resulting courtroom drama culminates in a surprisingly open ending.

35mm, b/w, 80 min.  Production: Filmakers Productions, Inc.  Distribution: Filmakers Releasing Organization, Inc.  Producer: Collier Young.  Director: Ida Lupino.  Based on a story by Larry Marcus and Lou Schor.  Screenwriter: Collier Young.  Cinematographer: George Diskant.  Editor: Stanford Tischler.  Composer: Leith Stevens.  With: Joan Fontaine, Ida Lupino, Edmund Gwenn, Edmund O'Brien, Kenneth Tobey.