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Working Girls  /  Sarah and Son

Working Girls  (1931)
August 1, 2015 - 7:30 pm

Restored by UCLA Film & Television Archive with funding provided by Jodie Foster, in cooperation with Universal Studios and Paramount Pictures.

Working Girls  (1931)

Two working-class sisters take up residence in a home for single women, then go on the make for jobs and men.  Hitting and missing in both departments, the two take up with beaux both above and beneath their own stations (including one amorous employer), leading to heartache and catastrophe, and no particular lessons learned except the importance of supporting one another.

Paramount Publix Corp.  Director: Dorothy Arzner.  Screenwriter: Zoë Akins.  Cinematographer: Harry Fischbeck.  With: Judith Wood, Dorothy Hall, Charles "Buddy" Rogers, Paul Lukas, Stuart Erwin.  35mm, b/w, 77 min. 

Restored by UCLA Film & Television Archive with funding provided by the National Endowment for the Arts, and Jodie Foster, in cooperation with Universal Studios.

Sarah And Son  (1930)

A woman's journey to economic and personal power runs parallel to the story of her search for her child…two journeys fraught with resistance.  An impoverished vaudeville performer (Ruth Chatterton), seeks security in a marriage with her professional partner, but in his immaturity he flees, giving their baby away.  Hard pressed for allies, Sarah pursues fame, security, and her child against incredible odds.

Paramount Famous Lasky Corp.  Director: Dorothy Arzner.  Screenwriter: Zoë Akins.  Based on the novel Sarah and Son by Timothy Shea.  Cinematographer: Charles Lang.  Editor: Verna Willis.  With: Ruth Chatterton, Fredric March, Fuller Mellish, Jr., Gilbert Emery, Doris Lloyd.  35mm, b/w, 86 min.