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UCLA Film & Television Archive and the Andrew J. Kuehn Jr. Foundation present

John Greyson in the World

Proteus (Canada, 2003)
October 13, 2013 - 7:00 pm
Alonso Duralde, Outfest; Lucas Hilderbrand, University of California, Irvine; Alexandra Juhasz, Pitzer College.

Filmmaker John Greyson, who presented his film Zero Patience (1993) in last year’s salute to New Queer Cinema, and who has recently been detained in Egypt while traveling for a film project, is widely noted not only as a chronicler of international queer imagination and politics, but also a committed participant in global LGBT and human rights causes worldwide.  This program celebrates the sweep of Greyson’s artistic vision and commitments, featuring a screening of two individual works and a panel discussion designed to shed light on Greyson’s contributions to film art, queer communities and public life.

Outfest members receive two for one admission at the Billy Wilder Theater box office! 

Proteus (Canada/South Africa, 2003)

Directed by John Greyson

With flourishes of design, costuming, metaphor and music, filmmaker John Greyson dramatizes an 18th-century anecdote of two men, black and white, imprisoned on South Africa’s infamous Robben Island (where Nelson Mandela was later incarcerated).  Their discovered affair exposes the two to severe persecution as part of a politically motivated witch-hunt. 

Producer: Anita Lee, Steven Markovitz, Platon Trakoshis. Screenwriter: J. Greyson, Jack Lewis.  Cinematographer: Giulio Bicarri.  Editor: Roslyn Kalloo.  Cast: Rouxnet Brown, Neil Sandilands, Shaun Smyth, Kristen Thomson, Tessa Jubber. 

35mm, color, 100 min.

Preceded by

Moscow Does Not Believe in Queers (1986)

Directed by John Greyson

An eccentric and prescient video diary based on director John Greyson’s experience attending the 1986 Moscow Youth Festival as an out gay delegate. 

Digital video, color, 27 min.