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"Senator John F. Kennedy gives press conference in Los Angeles"

March 29, 1959


At an unnamed hotel in Los Angeles, Senator John F. Kennedy responds to questions from reporters.  One of the main topics covered in this segment is the steelworker's strike and labor legislation. Kennedy states there is no advantage in having the Federal Government intervene to break a strike because it helps the business, which provides no motivation to negotiate.  Another topic covered in detail is the impact Kennedy being a Catholic could have on a possible presidential campaign.  Al Smith's unsuccessful 1928 campaign is mentioned, as is the negative literature currently circulated about Governor Pat Brown.  Other topics covered briefly are why the U.S. should not recognize Red China at this time, his meeting with Governor Brown, and when he will announce if he is running for president.

Note: The KTLA newsfilm collection at UCLA consists of cut and unedited stories, outtakes and fill footage, originally shot on 16mm reversal film stock with magnetic soundtrack. Some footage, particularly material not used for broadcast, may be without sound.

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