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"Demonstration in front of Department of Social Services in East Los Angeles"

January 19, 1971


Reporter Stan Chambers covers a demonstration in front of the Department of Social Services in East Los Angeles. They are protesting the state Welfare ruling that would bar aid to aliens in California. Chambers interviews several protesters who talk about the impact the ruling would have on families and the poor Mexican community, particularly in East Los Angeles. A social worker supporting the protest voices his concerns about how the ruling affects people in his profession because they are concerned with addressing human needs, not acting in the role of an immigration officer. A bomb threat was called in at the height of the demonstration causing the building to be evacuated, and the telephone operator who took that call is briefly interviewed. Footage includes shots of protesters carrying signs and marching, groups of people walking around in a neighborhood and exterior shots of the Department of Social Services building with people looking out their windows at the protest below.

Note:  The KTLA newsfilm collection at UCLA consists of cut and unedited stories, outtakes and fill footage, originally shot on 16mm reversal film stock with magnetic soundtrack. Some footage, particularly material not used for broadcast, may be without sound.