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Episode 1551

September 6, 1943


Original air date unknown; only record date known.

Cast: Gertrude Berg (Molly Goldberg); James R. Waters (Jake Goldberg); Roslyn Silber (Rosalie Goldberg); Alfred Ryder (Sammy Goldberg); Menasha Skulnik (Uncle David).

Announcer introduction: "Molly Goldberg, respected and loved by all her friends and neighbors... is suddenly an outcast in her own town, a town in which she has lived for so many years. The people of Lastenbury have called a meeting to make Molly account for her actions... why she continued to trust George and Grace when she knew they were swindlers... why she gave them the town funds... and why she allowed the two to run off with this money. Molly and her family are on their way to the meeting... Listen..."

Announcer close: "While all the neighbors sit about her, demanding an explanation of why she hadn't taken them into her confidence, Molly begins to hope once again, that her experiment may still work and that it may end in success... But meanwhile these people who were once her friends are angry and impatient..."