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Episode 1541

c. 1943


Original air date unknown.

Cast: Gertrude Berg (Molly Goldberg); James R. Waters (Jake Goldberg); Roslyn Silber (Rosalie Goldberg); Alfred Ryder (Sammy Goldberg); Menasha Skulnik (Uncle David).

Announcer introduction: "Molly Goldberg has jumped out of the frying pan into the fire. Molly has known for a long time that Grace was not really her daughter-in-law, but nevertheless for Grace's sake and for the child Grace is going to have, Molly has pretended to ignore Grace's deception in an effort to make Grace save herself. Then, when Grace set out to collect more money for the Delinquent Children Fund, Molly thought she had been saved; but now that Grace has run off to New York with all the money, Molly sees her experiment with Grace was more than a failure. The County District Attorney is on his way over to the Goldberg's now. How he found out about Grace and the money, Molly doesn't know. Molly dreads his coming... Listen..."

Announcer close: "And now Molly is courting more trouble... because she has fooled the County District Attorney... and if he gets his money back... that still won't be enough..."