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Film Poster Design Contest: Student Artist Winners

About the Author

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The UCLA Film & Television Archive is pleased to announce the winner and runner-up of a film poster design contest that invited UCLA student artists to show their unique interpretations of the newly restored film Smog (dir. Franco Rossi, Italy, 1962). This contest was open exclusively to students in the UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture.

Set against the backdrop of modernist Los Angeles, Smog explores the alienation and class systems inherent to American life through the outsider perspectives of a visiting Italian attorney (Enrico Maria Salerno) and an Italian expat (Annie Girardot). Featuring iconic locations and architectural landmarks such as the Theme Building at LAX, the Stahl House by Pierre Koenig, the Triponent House by Bernard Judge, the oil fields of Baldwin Hills and the Pacific Coast Highway along Pacific Palisades, the film is a fascinating time capsule of our ever-evolving city.

Smog was restored by the Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna and the UCLA Film & Television Archive in collaboration with Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc., with funding provided by the Golden Globe Foundation. 

The new restoration of Smog makes its Los Angeles debut at the 2024 UCLA Festival of Preservation on April 7 at 8:30 p.m. The winning poster design will be on display in the Billy Wilder Theater lobby, and every audience member in attendance will receive a poster to take home. Special thanks to the Italian Cultural Institute in Los Angeles, a community partner on the screening, for making the poster reproductions available to the audience.


First Prize ($750)

Yifei Wu (Major: Art, 2027)


About the artwork

“In the 1960s, when spaghetti westerns were hitting the movie market, Smog emerged as an understated and distinctive movie that exhibited modernism and examined modernity. The movie’s narrative and cinematography are ‘lightweight,’ but its message of loneliness and alienation is heavy. Especially the scene when the protagonist finds himself trapped at the desolate Triponent House. Thus I designed this poster with minimal visual language that outlines the iconic architecture but simultaneously tried to condense the bewilderment of the ‘outsider.’”



About the artist

Yifei Wu (Instagram: y1fei_wu) honed her critical thinking skills by delving into social, historical and cultural issues through the lens of a young woman. Her artworks explore diverse subjects, ranging from feminism to philosophical thoughts and sociological theories, manifesting her conceptual thinking in exquisite metaphors. Experimentation is at the core of her artistic journey, and she embraced a variety of mediums. Beyond basic art making, she ventured into installation, handmade books and performance art. Each piece contributes to a distinct and cohesive personal style that captivates viewers at first glance. She invites observers to delve into layered interpretations, as her artwork is often presented in thematic groupings, fostering a deeper connection with the audience.


Second Prize ($250)

Katherine Wang (Major: Design Media Arts, 2024)


About the artwork

“My poster design is heavily influenced by the central thematic idea of an outsider navigating a new environment and encountering unfamiliar customs. Hence, this is reflected in the sense of mystery created by the blurred background and the vastness of the setting compared to the central figure. The expansive and seemingly limitless backdrop suggests the liberated and full-of-potential lifestyle of mid-century Los Angeles, contrasting with Ciocchetti’s [the protagonist] background. In the artistic process, I manipulated and expanded a snapshot from the film, playing with typography and opacities to enhance the sense of mystery.”



About the artist

Katherine Wang is a multimedia designer, driven by an interest in uncovering and advancing the intersections of art, design and diverse fields. With professional internship experience in various design realms and coursework exposure, she has gained proficiency in a spectrum of media, ranging from web design and graphic design to visual design, 3D modeling, creative coding, video production and animation. Her multidisciplinary approach allows her to navigate seamlessly across these domains, bringing a unique and comprehensive perspective to her work. Through her experiences, Katherine continually explores the dynamic interplay between creativity and technology, pushing the boundaries of design innovation in a constantly evolving digital landscape.

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